Wanna Be Sweet?

2/05/2013 11:41:00 PM

Cute Beauty blogger, Airi, is hosting an Etude House giveaway at her blog!

I knew you couldn't resist. Haha! Well, to be honest, neither did I! So let's cut to the chase. I've been in LOVE with Etude House Products since I started using them two years ago. I used their hair color shampoo, BB Creams, Lipsticks and Lipg glosses as much as I can! And I have to admit, it's one brand I fully trust when it comes to beauty products. Airi's got two sets of prizes to give away, and you have a choice which one you'd want if you're one of the two lucky winners. Ain't that awesome?? So if you trust (and are a huge fan of Etude House) as much as I do, go to Airi's blog now (click the giveaway banner at my sidebar) to have a chance to win yourself some lovely Etude House products for yourself! :D

Good luck! :3

  (.   .)o

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  1. aww this is so so cute :) what about also followng each other on gfc and bloglovin also honey? let me know <3
    New post is up on my blog
    Into the groove

    1. Thank you Marie! :D Sure! Followed you on both :3 ❤


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