Stripes, Studs, Ribbons, and Tiers

2/20/2013 11:27:00 PM

Midterms is finally done, and stress levels have gone down again. At least, for now. I can't say I feel fulfilled with my progress, but I'm definitely sure I should do better for the second half of my term. It's not over yet! There's still time for redemption! (ノ◕△◕)ノ~*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Aja! Fighting!

How different do I look when I change the position of my bangs? What do you think? :-/

Parted from the left

Parted from the right

Folded & Hung bangle (old)

Full bangs. I personally prefer full bangs since it looks "edgier". At least, I think it does (o___o')

People Are People top (old), Vanilla Pop skirt, SM Ladies Fashion vest (old), SM Accessories bag (old)

Dickies socks, SM Store shoes

FreshKon contact lenses, Etude House lipstick and lipgloss

The other day, one of my close friends from high school, Pattee, asked me if I ever ran out of clothes to wear. Truth be told, I do have days when I literally run out of clothes to wear for school (*gasp* oh. my. gosh. such a shocker, ain't it? har har!). Sometimes, when I'm feeling like going for my jeans on lazy days, I look in my closet and I see no jeans available (oh the horror). So I do the next best thing: find the Basics in my closet and try to make them work!

Exhibit A: my outfit. Wearing mostly neautrals and one bold color can still make you look well put-together. Investing in Basics will always come in handy for those sudden "I should've done the laundry two days ago!" situations and on emergencies.

In-coming question: Won't wearing Basics make me look bland? My answer: No, as long as you mix and match them properly. It also helps when your Basics have little things that make them interesting (i.e: color, cut, etc.). Just because they're called Basics doesn't mean they have to be boring.

Exhibit B: my vest, bag, and socks. Anyone can wear a plain black vest with pockets. It's the same as wearing a plain black cardigan or shirt. But with the studs decorating it, my vest looks edgier and more chic, yes? Same goes for my bag. As for my socks.. white socks are never gonna go out of style. Everyone has at least a pair of white socks in their drawers (don't deny it!). But with the added ruffle and ribbon on the ones I'm wearing, it gave my look a sprinkle of femininity and girly-ness to it as opposed to just "simple school girl". Dickies and Fila are geniuses for selling these babies! My sock drawer is practically filed with their products already may it be plain or fun! I'm definitely one satisfied loyal customer. :)

So the next time you run out of things to wear, no fear! Grab those Basic investments and have a little fun playing mix-match, and you'll be confidently walking out the front door in no time! :)

  (.   .)o

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  1. right, left or full bangs suit you well! You're so cute!

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Thanks so much Jenniya! :") No bangs kaya? Haha! Kidding :P ❤

  2. Aah, I'm totally in love with all your outfits^^ Especially all the adorable socks you have hehe!

    -Emily xx

  3. You look just like a doll, so adorable,
    i love your skirt, you have a great blog,
    maybe we can follow each other ? Let me know !

    1. Thanks so much Descontraidas! :") Sure, I'de love to! Followed you on Bloglovin and GFC :3

    2. Thanks for follow, i just follow you banck with both !
      See you soon !

  4. You're so cute, love! :) I don't think I have many basics in my closet which may be why I never have any clothes hahaha. I should probably go get some ;)

    Thanks for the styling tips! <3 And I miss you :C

    1. Back to basics for you my darling, haha! ;) Don't worry, they're worth-it investments ❤ and I miss you toooo!! D':


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