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2/03/2013 01:12:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

I ain't no American, but I am aware of the big Sports event happening this weekend! Every time I tune into the entertainment news shows being aired here in the Philippines lately, they've been paying extra attention to the Super Bowl weekend event happening over at New Orleans. I gotta say, I am pretty curious as to what happens during the Super Bowl event (since Football isn't really that popular here in our country -- College Basketball, Soccer, and prolly Boxing are). From what I've been hearing though, people are waaay excited for the performances and the game already, they're talking about what food to prepare and all that! So, to my American readers out there, please enlighten little ol' me. What happens in these Super Bowl games, and what have I been missing all these years? :o

Goody ColourCollection elastics

Nike cap

Big Five baseball shirt, Soda skirt

Dickies socks, SM Store shoes

Aside from Football and Basketball, there's one other sport Americans have been known to follow and be so proud of. Yep, it's baseball! And although it's Super Bowl weekend over that the U.S, I figured why not go with the sporty theme when I dressed up for school a few days ago? 

I used to play a lot of baseball with my brother when we were younger. It's one of the perks of having an older brother: he makes you play sports and video games with him, so in turn, I was able to absorb a bit of sports and geekyness into my system while I was growing up. To be honest, baseball and softball are probably the only two sports I actually like playing. Every other sport I was forced to play (a.k.a in PhysEd classes) I never really liked that much.

Anyways, back to what I'm wearing. Sporty outfits are another trend surfacing this year, so be prepared to see more sweatpants-inspired bottoms, baseball caps, sneakers, and casual t-shirts! Finally, a trend that can let us ladies dress down for a while! Haha! As for this look, I wanted to channel my inner sporty girl but still be able to keep the "girl" side of it. The solution? Mix a plain baseball shirt with a floral skirt together for some cute contrast! I curled my hair yet again with my Goody ColourCollection elastics so my hair won't be too straight and flat when I wear the cap I hurriedly rummaged from Dad's closet that morning (see? You can even make use of your dad's stuff when you dress for the day, heehee), and paired my frilly socks from Dickies with the comfiest sneakers I got from the SM Store a few months back! If only I had a baseball bat to complete my look, I can probably still pass off as a kid like Arnold Shortman (yeah that's his last name; Grandpa Phil actually kept mentioning Arnold's lastname throughout the series, whodda thunk it, right?) and the Gang in Hey Arnold! or something, teehee! :3

  (.   .)o

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    I like how it's sporty-themed, but you're still in touch with your girly side. ;D

    1. "Move it Football-head!" =)) ArnoldxHelga all the way! ❤

      Same! I can't let go of my girly-ness, even in a sporty outfit, haha! :))

  2. Well you aren't missing much, The Super Bowl is mostly to have parties, everyone has a party cooks lots of food and socializes. The commercials, performances and food are the biggest part of it. But I hate football so I won't be watching, ha :)
    xo jess

    1. I had a feeling it was like that, haha! It sounds just like when Manny Pacquiao has a fight and Filipinos would host pay-per-view in restos here or at their homes :) Best thing about a Pacquiao fight here is that there's no traffic at all. It's like a ghost town! @.@


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