Hello Kitty, it's Univ Week!

2/09/2013 04:55:00 AM

(Photos of me by Kenny)

So I went to DLSU's Univ Week again this year, having a 3-hour food trip date with my one and only, Kenny! :") He asked me out a few days ago if I would go to their univ week since we weren't seeing each other over the weekend (school stuff to do, blah), and I said yes. But since I could only stay for three hours (school work is a big b*tch), we pretty much made the most out of it. I gotta say, it was THE BEST 3-HOUR FOOD TRIP DATE EVER. Prepare yourself for a photo-filled post! Mwahahaha! \:D/

Univ Week is an annual thing in DLSU, and it usually happens every third Trimester. What with Valentine's Day happening on a thursday next week, Kenny and I couldn't really see each other due to schedule conflicts. So, we pretty much had an advanced V-Day date here! :)

Isn't the newly openned Henry Sy Sr. Hall just magnificent? They say that the wavy design of this building's exterior was patterned after Henry Sy's fingerprint. If that were true, it'd be super cool!

Darn wind! Keeps messing up my hair! >.<

I took this photo in the middle of our food trip. I couldn't help it. It looked so pretty :") 

So as I was saying, Kenny treated me to most of the food in their school fair. California Maki was our first stop (I need my Japanese fix).

Then we stopped by their booth since I wanted some Japanese Siomai. There I met most of his friends and blockmates, finally! :D Seriously, their siomai is suuuuuuper goooooood. I'm still craving for more as I type this. @.@ Karen, more Japanese siomai for me please! >.<'

Siomai wrapped in nori!! The goodness~ ❤

Side note: I was curious in this photo, hence the looking over the stair's railings. Don't judge me! D:

Ooooh, Shawarma!! :D

Another side note: I was actually talking to Kenny here when he was taking my photos real quick (the sooner we finish taking photos of what I'm wearing, the sooner we can go back to eating), but he was so concentrated on taking my photos that he wasn't answering me! :))) Hence my sorta annoyed face :-/ Boooo. We were able to bump into a lot of our high school friends today, which was really lucky what with all the people around @_@ This is why we looked for a nice quiet, and definitely not crowded area to take these shots. Plus, it was easier for Kenny to take my photos while sitting down since he can't really kneel with the wound on his knee >.<' Right after, BACK TO PIGGING OUT! ATTACK!!

Why is it that whenever I encounter Shawarma, I think of The Avengers?

While waiting for Kenny to buy some nori hako, Moe was able to find me amidst all the people! We were catching up when we tried to trick Kenny into thinking we slipped away while he wasn't looking... #mean

He's so cute!! Yes, of course he'd text me asking where I went like the great boyfriend that he is :") I'm so lucky~!! And the look he had on his face when he found me, priceless.. Like relief and excitement rolled into one! *swoon* #kilig ❤

This is nori hako. Big sushi rolls with a choice of pork, beef (the philly cheese kind), and chicken. Kenny got the mix of chicken and beef, and they were goooooood~ He kept asking me what I wanted to try next, naming the food each stall offers, and every time he asks me if I wanna try (insert name of food here), I just go "Yeah! Let's go! :D" without any hesitation, har har! My stomach's been leading me all day.

SM Accessories hat

When I dressed up for the day, I immediately thought of wearing something eye-catchy but not too over-the-top. Seeing this hat was perfect! With me being petite, wearing this hat made it easier for people to spot me from afar in the crowd. Exactly how Moe and Kenny were able to find me! :)

Dickies socks, Asianvogue shoes

I couldn't resist these socks. They're just too adorable!! Immediately I thought of Hello Kitty. Flashback to my childhood! XD Aaaand it helps that they match my hat oh so well :3

Saw some friends of mine from the SDA! Hi Z and Donn Rae! :)))

Seriously, Mr. Peanut Vendor, I love the peanuts you sold us. You deserve more customers! :( I love making small talk with vendors when I buy something from them. It cuts the invisible (unfair) hierarchy between Middle Class people and Lower Class people. So the next time you come across someone like Mr. Peanut Vendor, like the guards in your school, waiters and waitresses, janitors and janitresses, cashiers, etc, give them a smile and make small talk with them. It helps make their day, when you show your interest with people like them, making them feel special too. Okay? :) #preach

After buying a bag of yummy peanuts from Mr. Peanut Vendor, Kenny taught me how to crack the nuts (albeit my lack of interest, haha). In fact, it was so important to Kenny that I learn how to crack a peanut right, that when I asked him if we could ride the ferris wheel, he told me that I have to sucessfully crack a peanut first! >:[ Boooo! But I did, so har har! :)))

A bag of peanuts, and a small plate of sticky S'mores :3

Thanks to Alec for taking our photo like a ninja before a guy passed by! Best S'mores ever! ❤

By the time we rode the ferris wheel, the sun was being blocked by the Henry Sy building, so it wasn't as hot anymore. Students ended up chilling at the grassy areas as well. I remember our high school fair! #nostalgia

See that area with the screen and stage? That's where the bands play. During the day, the student bands were playing, then later that night, famous OPM bands rocked the stage, before the big finale fireworks :3

Thank you Kenny, for everything today! You're one special guy I can be a total fool around, and you still accept me for me. Fool and all, heehee! I love you soooo much till forever ends! >>:*<< >>:*<< >>:*<< ❤❤❤

Here's a cute bonus! For couples out there, wearing something matchy-matchy is like a norm, yes? Well, Kenny and I kinda decided to go all couple-themed today for our date :3 With Chinese New Year coming in a few days, and Valentine's is already next thursday, Red seemed to be an obvious choice of color (plus, like I said it would make it easier for us to spot each other in the crowd). So when I told him I'll be going all Hello Kitty inspired today, he went and wore his red baseball shirt to match me! Super cutie! :") I couldn't let the opportunity pass without taking his photo too! There's something about a guy who can rock wearing the basics, don't you agree? :3

SM Ladies Fashion studded vest (old), Baleno top, Never Been Kissed skirt (old), Goody ColourCollection Elastics (wrists), Adidas watch

Tired, worn out faces from the humid air, walking and eating all day. Haha! Thanks Abro for taking our photo :)


  (.   .)o

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  1. Sweet!! I love that socks so cute ! Love the idea of couple-themed.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Thanks Jenniya! :3 Any plans for V-day with your hubby? :D Enjoy V-Day! :)

  2. Awww that one is really great post :)


    1. Thank you Mahnoor! :D Hope you enjoy your Valentine's day! :3

  3. How cute is your outfit :) love the shoes and that socks! This event looks like loads of fun too :)!

    1. Thanks Anamarija! :") Univ week was super fun, especially when I went since it was on a friday and everyone was on party mode already, haha! :) Wished I stayed for the fireworks though </3

  4. awwwww. sobrang cute niyo ng boyfie mo :""> sweeeet! :))
    I love your socks too! may ganyan pala sa dickies. :"> anyway, naku dear. if you'll do a closet sale, ipaalam mo sakin! bibili ako talaga. haha! :D

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

    1. Thanks so much Rae~!! :") ❤ Haha, Ikr?? I didn't expect Dickies to be selling these kinds of cutiepatootie socks, but when I saw them on the racks, I quickly grabbed whatever I can! =))

      Sige sige, if ever I decide to sell my clothes in the future, I'll keep you in mind :P


  5. Waaa I want your socks! And siomai with nori? That uni fair looks awesome! There's so many stalls! It's like a fancier version of college days in my high school back in the Philippines :D

    1. Thanks sweetsandbrains! :D It was super fun! Too bad I wasn't able to stay till the fireworks, though. It was even more fun later on! :3 You should try out the nori-covered siomai! It's super goooooood~!! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

  6. lovely post and blog honey <3 maybe we could follow each other from GFC and bloglovin also? let me know <3
    New post is up on my blog

    1. Of course! Thanks so much Marie!! :3 ❤


    Also I miss fairs and stuff in the Philippines. D: They seemed to be much more fun (even if they were way crowded haha!)


    1. Thanks Rae!! :") I miss them too!! My university doens't really get to host school fairs like DLSU does =))) We're so artsy, so we tend to have conventions and seminars more often, hahaha! I miss high school! </3


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