(De-)Saturated. Light 'em up

2/07/2013 11:55:00 PM

Black and White photos have a totally different effect to things, don't you think?

Primadonna boots (old), Forever 21 legwarmers (worn as arm warmers), SM GTW vest (worn as top), Crissa shorts (old)

What on earth possessed me to go all black, rocker-esque chic with an "F--- this world" demeanor? Personally, I don't know either. It's one of the styles that's definitely out of my comfort zone, what with all the cutesy clothes that dominate my closets and my Lookbook. So I guess this is my attempt at that certain style, as I am learning to be open to a variety of looks. Although I'm still most probably gonna be holding on to my cutesy style even when I'm like, old and graying, haha! All I have to say is that it started when I was playing -- er,-- experimenting on some of my makeup palettes. Next thing I knew, I was grabbing some of the black clothes in my closet, rummaged through boxes for my boots, and looking for a nice place to take these photos. To cut off the monotony of the monochromatic effect, I settled for including the red pillow I'm resting my back on in my photos. I think my makeup's good enough, but I still have to practice more (which I have the rest of my life to do so, heehee). (*´◕ω◕`*)

Oh, and btw. I'm a big fan of Fall Out Boy. And a few days ago, I received a text from Kenny (who is an even BIGGER fan than I am) in the middle of my game programming class telling me that they're back. Yeah, you read that correctly. FALL OUT BOY. IS. BACK. Booyah!! FINALLY, MAN!! I watched their second concert here in the Philippines when Hey Monday (which I'm also a huge fan of -- sadly, they disbanded; but congrats to Cassadee Pope for winning season 3 of The Voice! :D) was their opening act, and BOY, DO I MISS THEM ALL SO BAD!! So if you guys still haven't seen their newly released video (or if you have and you wanna watch it again), you can go ahead and watch it below! :D The future of Fall out Boy Starts Now.. Enjooooy~!  *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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  1. Sexxxyyyyyyy chick! ;)

    What's up with your hosting? o:


    1. Thanks Rae :)))

      Well my hosting site had a technical problem which caused their whole server to reset everything. So since my blog was linked to it for the custom domain name, you couldn't view my blog at all. <//3 What's worse is that since they had a complete reset, they couldn't save all the files I had uploaded (websites, documents, photos, etc) for my school stuff. It's super frustrating, unprofessional, and utterly annoying. =.=* So before I experience all that again without any warning/notification (because really, they didn't notify us at all), I removed my custom domain name and chose to stick with justsephierojas.blogspot.com instead :'(

  2. Super ganda mo dito!!! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LohAh45c_Io/URNy_-HmWfI/AAAAAAAAHuw/7Xy-arnPu80/s1600/IMG_898119.jpg

    1. Thanks Val! :) Nadala sa lighting, haha! :P


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