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2/06/2013 02:25:00 AM

Meow meow~! (´◕ω◕`) Heehee~  It's kinda ironic that when a girl puts on makeup for photos, there's a big difference between how it looks on us in photos than it does in real life. In reality, our makeup could look overly done, unnatural, and even "too much" for an everyday look. But when you look at the photos, sometimes it appears like you don't even have makeup on at all! Why is that anyways? :-/

SM Ladies Fashion sheer top (worn as vest) and shorts, SM Accessories belt

Yhansy necklace, BNY top (inner)

Pinkbox ribbon, Goody ColourCollection elastics, Yhansy bangles (part of a set)

Dickies socks, Asianvogue shoes

I'm a fan of makeup even though I only wear it from time to time. My parents kinda trained me to embrace my natural look and only to wear makeup if it's necessary (i.e. events, photoshoots, etc). They do say that makeup can make you age faster, soooo yeah, maybe that's one of my secrets to staying youthful too. :) Regardless though, I still am a fan of makeup. I keep searching for makeup tips online (like during class; shhh!), how-to tutorials, beauty blogs/vlogs and the like to learn a thing or two. However, even though I like looking at and admiring girls who can sport different kinds of makeup styles on their faces, I still go back to the natural or "natural" look in the end (I've had my share of makeup experiments and both looks are pretty much what fit my youthful face the best -- for now).

Yes, there's a difference. Natural makeup (no "") is basically no makeup at all (kinda). If ever, the most you use is powder and lip balm. "Natural" makeup is like what I'm attempting to sport sporting here.

As a compromise, I went for a nice "natural" makeup look for this outfit of mine. No lenses, just BB Cream, powder, eyeliner, mascara, and an attempt at the "natural lips gradient" using lipstick and gloss (kinda basing it all from Korean Ulzzang girls makeup tutorials, although Ulzzang usually sport lenses to make their eyes a little bigger like doll eyes). And this is how it ended up looking! Penny for your thoughts? :D I kinda skipped putting falsies on (it's an option for typical Ulzzang makeup for a bigger and bolder stare) this time since I'm such a noob when it comes to applying falsies. (; ̄д ̄)

Anyhoo. On to my outfit! I kinda had a sudden craving for ice cream, what with the change in weather we had here since January drew to a close. The heat is slowly telling that Summer is coming soon, and I need something to help chill me out (which is also my excuse for doing my homework, blah)! What better way to do so that to eat some ice cream, yeah? :D You can't say no to ice cream :P But with my recent online shopping trip, I don't have money for banana split anymore. o(╥﹏╥)o So with that in mind, I figured to just go for it when I dressed up for school that day. If I can't have a banana split, might as well channel it through what I'm wearing, right? And yes, it felt refreshing to wear something like this to school that day (although I wore tights underneath my shorts so as not to incur a dress code violation -- 'cause I can't afford that either).

  (.   .)o

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  1. Its a different sight to see you with your side swept bangs, no lenses.. But still you look pretty. More of a lady-like now than your other posts. I like it.

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Thank you Jenniya! :D ❤ I agree, totally! I've had this thing with my bangs: different style = different appeal. If it's swept to the left like in my previous posts, I have a "softer" look. If swept to the right like here, I have a "stronger" look. If I have full bangs I look the, well, Japanese/Korean, haha! :))

  2. cute bag! thanks for your comment on my blog <3


    1. Thanks Prisca! :3 You're welcome as well <3

  3. Domo kun! :D I love your bangles, and that's so true about makeup in pictures. OTL

    If I want blush to show up in my photos, I have to look like a red tomato in real life. It's sooo fail haha! <3 You look awesome with or without lenses and makeup, so keep doing whichever strikes your fancy <3

    1. OMG ME TOO!! D: it's such a hassle! >.<' You look pretty with or without makeup too, love! And I envy you for your skill in putting those darn falsies :))) I fail so epicly whenever I try to put them on @_@


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