The First of All the 21st's

1/25/2013 02:59:00 AM

Last Saturday, I attended one of my high school best friend's party, officially marking the start of one of the countdowns of an epic event in our lives: our 21st birthdays. Julia took her first step into adulthood a couple of days after her party, and deep deeeeeeeep down inside, the rest of us LoL people are counting down to our 21st birthdays as well. 

As I mentioned last time, the guests were strictly clad in black and white while Julia glowed in her beautiful flowy red gown. One of my high school batchmates, Mikee, had her nails done just in time for the party, generously following the dress code with these chic black nails with some awesome chrome french tips. Seriously, girl. They're like, "Black Widow" nails! We wouldn't mind getting clawed with those, haha! :P

Either these things were really strong (more alcohol than chasers), or my alcohol tolerance is at an all time low. I had one shot and damn was it strong! @__@ I could feel the alcohol escape through my nostrils after I chugged the whole thing in a gulp! @___@

Sunny was part of the 21 Treasures (Julia didn't have her debut when she turned 18 so she turned it around with her 21st birthday instead), so this was taken when she was relaying her message for Julia.

I was part of the 21 Treasures as well (I get flustered when I have to speak from the heart in front of a crowd @___@ kinda ironic since I took theatre in high school too) and this was my gift for Julia! Yhansy has so many cute stuff, I didn't know which to get her as a gift! See that adorable blue ribbon dust stopper on my phone? I got it from Yhansy! :D

Trisha, also gave her message as well. Envious of her ability to form a heart-warming message in front of a lot of people. Trisha, how do you do it? D: 

After speaking in front, Zhar got us some more munchies in the dessert side of the buffet. A girl's gotta have her dessert -- even more than once. Haha! :P

Another one of my batchmates (and a close friend of Julia) performed in the party as well. Talia has such a lovely voice, soft and sultry ala Norah Jones. It was such a pleasure listening to her raspy voice when she sang her original composition.

Now, this boy.... This boy performed after Talia, and he did a good job serenading Julia with One Direction's "All these little things". This boy's so smooth, he even stole a kiss on the cheek while Julia's dad was trying to calm the crowd down from all the cat-calling, swooning, screaming and intense fan-girling. Tsk tsk tsk. Sneaky, sneaky! :P

Oh Alex, you so pretty :")

Julia dancing with her 21 Roses.

Can you guess who wrote this? :-"

Dear Sunny. I'll be waiting for your photos! XD

I always love seeing Daddy-Daughter dances. They're so sweet! :") 

Fast-changing light! Party time! \:D/

As the program drew to a close, we started taking photos of our reflections on one of the table accessories. How innovative (and *ahem* vain *ahem*) can we get? Har har! :P

Alex, you photobomber! =))

On to the hugging-spree!! XD

(Belated) Happy Birthday Julia! I love you oh so veryyyyyyyy much!! I'm always here for you no matter what! ❤❤❤

I have less than 5 months till I officially become an adult. So far, I'm savouring every moment I have of being a teenager (it's called being Twenteen, and yes, it's real). Peace out y'all! 

  (.   .)o

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  1. VAAAAIN! :D You guys all look so cute! <3

    1. My favorite sin >:P And it might have been the alcohol, haha! Thanks Rae! Miss you! <333


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