Let's Talk Beauty: Crowning Glory

1/26/2013 02:43:00 AM

All my life, my Mom has always told me to take care of my hair. And growing up, I've been very keen in maintaining my healthy locks. Although I have had my fare share of experiments when it came to my tresses (I have yet to perm it though, or bleach it -- though I am not sure if I ever will), I thankfully have not gone overboard yet that I would end up pulling a Britney shaving it all off instead. So with all these said, I'm here once again to reveal some of my favorite and trusted brands to making my hair truly my crowning glory.

First: Down to the Roots

L-R: Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture shampoo, Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner and Shampoo, Pantine Pro-V Nature Care shampoo, Sunsillk Co-Creations Strong and Long shampoo, Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Anti-Dandruff shampoo

When I was younger, I always believed that when you find the "right" shampoo for you, you stick to it like glue. No one ever said that it actually meant that you can (and perhaps should) have more than one "right" shampoo for your hair. Lo and behold, I have around 5 "right" shampoos for myself alone. And I tell you, it might sound pricey to spend for more than one shampoo bottle (especially if it's just for yourself), but in reality, when you dilute and shuffle the different shampoo you have for the whole week, you won't suffer from oily hair, dandruff and hair damage! I learned this pretty much in my early high school days (and a lot of hair care articles online agree to it as well). It's like eating a different cuisine from time to time. You can't have a burger everyday, right?

Now, not all shampoo products work perfectly for everyone out there, but for me, the ones I have grown to trust and love are the ones I included above. I was raised by my Mom to know the importance of moisturizing. And we all know that hair needs to be moisturized as well (especially after all the damaging things styling does to it). Dove has been my number one shampoo since it was finally sold here in our country recently. If you want a less-pricey alternative, Palmolive Intensive Moisture has got your back. I recently tried Pantine and I really love the sweet scent it has whenever I open the bottle and use it on my hair. Sunsilk has been my choice since I was in grade school and it has been taking care of my hair ever since without any regrets. And for those rare days when I get a little bit more tense and anxious (which causes my scalp to be oilier than usual), I use Head and Shoulders to get rid of any possible dandruff. As for conditioners, it's advisable to condition your hair two to three times a week (especially on days you used heat styling materials or had your hair colored, etc.) just so your hair won't suffer from dryness and hair breakage (I can attest to the Dove commercials here in the Philippines; for once, a commercial that doesn't practice false advertising). A common mistake when applying conditioner is that we apply it to our scalp as well. That's a huge no-no! We only need to condition our hair, not our scalp. Our scalp produces enough natural oils, and adding conditioner to that will only add to excess oil and will lead to dandruff. No one likes running their fingers through oily (and dandruff-filled) hair, right? That's just... eww. Keep conditioners to your hair.

Second: Basic Investments

Spiraling outer-inner: Goody narrow toothed and wide toothed combs, Ouchless elastics, Stay Put hairpins, ColourCollection elastics, So Secure hairpins

I've been a Goody girl since I could style my hair in pigtails and braids. Would it really be a surprise if I would still be using their products now that I'm gonna be a legit adult in a few months? I don't think so! If you've been following my blog, I bet you notice the many times I wear my elastics (on my hair or on my wrists) and my hairpins. Their products have been known to be sturdy and their elastics don't stretch out that fast. Naturally, owning their combs would be something I'd have as well. A wide tooth comb is a must after bathing. It helps untangle your wet hair without damaging it. As for styling, I use the narrow toothed comb for a sleek look with no hair out of place.

Speaking of styling, Goody's having a giveaway! Check out their facebook page for more info, and you might just win yourself the new Goody QuikStyle for yourself! :)

Third: Put a Bow on it!

Pinkbox Donut buns (in Large and Medium sizes) and hair clips

Donut buns (or Sock buns) were a huge thing in the later parts of 2012, and they're still one of the favorites to this day! I love it myself that I have three donut buns myself actually. One I got from Fayeness Shop (the long black one in the first photo of this post), and the other two I got from Pinkbox after reading Camille Co's blog. Oh how long have I tried looking for this perfect donut bun! As soon as I found out that Pinkbox had them, I bought the large and medium ones right away! 

When I was a kid, Mom would always fix my hair so it won't be falling to my face. And she'd always adorn me with cute hair clips and ribbons in many different colors and sizes. I even had hair clips with the days of the week written on it in little animal shapes! I don't think I've outgrown cute accessories just yet. To spice up a simple hairstyle, try adding some ribbons/bows for that cute look. Pinkbox has a lot of adorable hair clips and accessories little girls (and little girls at heart) will surely love.

So there you have it! Some of my trusted brands and products for a healthy and lovely crowning glory. Hope it helps! If you have any questions and suggestions, leave me a comment below. :)

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  1. I also have that donut bun but not Pinkbox. Had a hard time making a bun before. Thought I'd regret buying one but I did practiced a lot and now I can say I can make a 99% "perfect" bun.

    I am Jenniya

    1. I was actually considering making one for myself at some point too (back when I really didn't know where I could get one instead). I was thinking of making one out of those thick sponges we use for cleaning, haha! Good job getting that "perfect" bun! \:D/ <3

  2. This is a great post, very thorough and engaging. I never thought about having more than one shampoo I will definitely play around with it more now. Also, I love the donut buns, I'm wearing one right now. Perfect for lo maintenance days.

    1. Thanks so much Tiffy! :D I didn't know about the uses of more than one shampoo myself, until I had split ends in grade school. I couldn't take the breakage anymore, so I tried changing my shampoo after that :) I wear my donut buns on lazy days too! They're really easy to wear in school, and it keeps my hair from tickling my nape, haha! <3

  3. I think it's great that you mention that applying conditioner to your scalp is a bad idea. I don't know that I've ever read that before but it's such a great point! Also, I rotate shampoos too. I find my hair does better that way :)


    1. Thanks FashionEdible! :) It's also better for my hair when I rotate my shampoo. I think it has to do with the chemicals of the shampoo itself :-/

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Estefania!! :D Hope it helped. :) <3

  5. You're so careful with your hair! :D I always wanted to try Goody but always considered it out of my price range. ^^

    Thanks for the tip about the conditioner. I learned something new today, yay!

    1. I kinda am, haha! :P You should try Goody! I promise you, it's worth the buy :> You're welcome Rae! <3


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