Giving the Academy a Rain Check

1/16/2013 12:37:00 AM

Oh the wonders of a nice school uniform. I've always thought it was cool to wear uniforms like the ones I see in animes and TV shows. Granted I used to wear a uniform not too long ago as well, I can't help but kind of miss it somehow. No more worrying about what to wear for the day. I just grab my black and white uniform and head out the door! 

I can say I had a love-hate relationship with my uniform back in high school. I hated it on days I wished we had shorter skirts (ha, as if that was ever gonna happen -- never in a Catholic school in our country it will!) feeling all rebellious as teenagers usually are, and I loved it on lazy days I was grateful for its presence making daily outfit decisions easier with its wonderful yet simple black and white color (which will forever look flattering on the body). Then again, I guess I could say that it was all for the best. My school has trained us to be simple, especially in the way we present ourselves. No colored hair, no unecessary accessories, nothing that will plainly cause jealousy among one another. I'm thankful that my school has raised us well.

I couldn't imagine wearing something like this (what I'm wearing here) everyday for 13 years of my young academic life, either way. @_@ We students will probably die from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke caused by those blazers (with the intense heat of the Philippines, it ain't that practical). Makes me wonder how those Japanese girls manage during Winter days in their short skirts @___@' I'm already shivering from the cold air-conditioning in my university in itself! 

Goody Stay Put elastics ang tiny claw clips

Checkout the cool hair styling trick I did to get shorter-looking pigtails! :)

SM Ladies Fashion button down and blazer, Bench basic shirt

Terra Nova pleated skirt, SM Accessories stockings

Typical formula for a girl's school uniform abroad include: button-down polo, cashmere vest, bow/neck tie, blazer, pleated skirt, high socks or stockings, shoes, and your ever trusty school bag. So can I pull of the Typical student now? Haha! :)

Typical formula for a girl's school uniform locally include: blouse, pleated skirt, ankle-high socks, black leather shoes, and bag.

Samsung Champ, Yhansy dust stopper, Fayeness Shop glasses, Glam-Rock Manila satchel

I gotta hand it to my Samsung Champ phone. I've dropped it a lot of times already and it's still alive and kicking! Although I wish I can let it rest already but I'mma have to buy a new phone if that's the case. And I know I don't have the money for that right now so... yeah. Samsung Champ it is then! :)

  (.   .)o

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  1. I love very much your look here ! The best of pretty and cute style for me ! I'm fan as always ! ♥ ♥ ♥ great photos !

    1. Thanks so much Tanya! I have to say, every time I wear thigh-high socks, I always remember you since you're such a fan, haha! Hoping I can find more of those kinds of sock here though. They've been scarce lately >.<' Miss you! ♥ ♥ ♥


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