Doodling in Class

1/09/2013 11:22:00 PM

Remember last term when I said that I was super excited to be able to draw on an actual animation desk (with animation discs we can spin and light from underneath for easier tracings and stuff)? Well, this term for our 2D Animation 3 class, we're animating our drawings from the previous terms using Flash animation! Whoohoo! And to make our lives waaaaaay easier, we're gonna be using the Wacom Cintiq pen displays in our school! Can I just say, I've been drooling over them since I first saw them in my school two years ago? And now that we can finally use it, @.@... *cue Hallelujah chorus and angels coming down from Heaven*

So what's a girl to do when she sees this gift from the heavens right in front of her? DOODLE OF COURSE! XD

Rough doodle of Supergirl. Prolly finish this one at home when I'm done with some of my requirements.

I was half listening to our adorable prof in class as she explained the ins and outs of the pen tablet and the basics of drawing with different tools in Adobe Flash in her perky high-pitched voice. Half listening, cause I was doodling my character in Photoshop in one window as well. Ahahaha I couldn't resist :3

Meet Poppy! The little girl in my animation who daydreams what it's like to be a dog instead. Ain't she cute? :3 Well, here's a doodle of her without the highlights and shading. Maybe I can add those when I have time too ;)

  (.   .)o

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  1. So cuuute! You're an amazing artist! The drawings are beautiful.
    I'm following you!

    Xx el33ta

    1. Thanks so much el33ta! Saw your blog too btw! Followed you on GFC :3 Your bunny post is just sooooo adorable!! ❤❤❤ Hope to see your drawings soon! :D

  2. i love your rough sketch of supergirl! i wish i could do that but im pretty bad and drawing on photoshop even with a tablet :(

    folllowing you now xoxo

    1. Hey Olivia!

      Thanks so much! But it's more on just a rough doodle though, I feel like I need to practice a bit more after my long drawing hiatus, haha! :) Don't worry, I'm sure your drawings are good too! Practice can go a long way :D

      followed you too! xoxoxo


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