TDOC Day 7: The Blue Danube

12/21/2012 02:40:00 AM

(Photos by Den-den)

Alas, the time has come for us to go home. If only we could stay in Rach's house for a week, we wouldn't mind that at all! Heehee~ :D

Although we might just gain weight from all the wonderful food they kept feeding us with (I kept stuffing myself with their yummy brownies, creampuffs, and red velvet cupcakes since they first offered them to us for an after-lunch dessert yesterday). I might not mind it at all since I need to gain back all the weight I lost from the term. :))

After playing numerous rounds of Monopoly Deal Extension pack, Monopoly Deal Millionaire, Clue, Crosswords for Dummies, and exchanging insights and stories all day (and night), Den-den took my photos for today before we headed home. I love how my friends are so supportive of this blog of mine, that they're the ones who ask me if I want my photos to be taken in certain places like this one. Rach is so lucky to live right across their neighborhood park. And with the sun always glazing it like this every day? That's what I call a bonus!

SM Accessories fedora, Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipstick and Crystal Gloss lipgloss

Next button down, Harvard jeans shorts

ESPIRIT socks, Asianvogue shoes

Trying on the whole "Denim + Denim" look but decided to go for a comfy monochrome feel once again, this time with the shade of Blue. It used to be my favorite color (I was a huge fan of Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls back in 4th grade), but Red slowly stole that role from it as I grew older. Note yesterday's outfit with the red shorts matched with my black Marvel Civil War shirt. It's surely a differen't look from today's, don't you think? :) From a "Ready for a concert" outfit, to a "Let's go tour the city" ensemble, Day 7 calls for The Blue Danube!

5 days to go till Christmas! XD Have you guys done your Christmas shopping yet? :3

  (.   .)o

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  1. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Whenever I hear about you guys hanging out, I die a little inside. :( Miss you all!

    Anyway you look lovely as usual! The way the sun hits you and makes you shineeeee. Hihi~ <3 I think you'd look great in a paper bag too. (Maybe a future fashion post for the sake of irony?! Kiddiiing or maybe...)

    Miss you!

    xx Pattee

    1. Miss you toooo!!!! Since Den-den and I are (hopefully) the first ones to graduate college, we will save money to fly there to see youuuu!!! XD

      Thanks a bunch Raeee~ <3 I shall take note of that paper bag challenge >:3 Maybe a dress made out of trash bags would be easier to make though, or a rice sack haha! :P


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