TDOC Day 1: Princess and the Frog

12/14/2012 07:09:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

Twelve days to go till Christmas! Are you excited? I kinda am! Kinda since I have not yet done my Christmas shopping. Gaaahh! #semipanic @.@ With finals now over for most of us, everyone's slowly regaining their strength back (after some well-deserved sleep) for some last minute Christmas shopping. At least, I hope so. Nothing like a little retail therapy to get me feeling a lot better after a stressful term! :>

To be honest, many of us didn't really enjoy the last few weeks of this term. Myself included. Everything just went so fast. Profs were giving us activities one after the other every week, having us rush our finals requirements. Which left us with no choice but to work on them with the very minimal time we had on our hands, finishing them all just so we can actually submit something even if we all know that if we were given more time (like, say, if they didn't give us any more stuff to do after midterms), we would've been able to create something better than what we made in the end. *Sigh* Oh well. Everything's over now, and we all hope that what we did will be enough. #studentlife

I just went through two weeks of slowly losing sleep since last Sunday. I spent three days of no sleep at all, and it certainly took its toll on my body. I'm down to 86 lbs! @.@ #crap I'm definitely stuffing myself with glorious food this Holiday season! D:<

These photos were actually taken on the last day I didn't sleep well. I "took a nap" from 6am and got up for school at 6:30am. When I woke up, I knew exactly how Tiana felt in the first few scenes of Disney's Princess and the Frog. It was fun while it lasted.

Vanillapop dress and skirt

"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work." — Tiana, Disney's Princess and the Frog (2009)

Knowing that 12.12.12 was the last day of my Finals, I was ecstatic enough (regardless of the lack of sleep) that I went for a girly ensemble for the day! I had this feeling inside me as I carried my requirements to school that I was glad I was done with all of them and that I was gonna get rid of them when I submit them to my profs that day. One of those "Shut up and take my work!" moments in my head. I was just too tired from everything that I really just wanted to not see my work anymore. @.@

Etude House Dear My Crystal Lip Gloss and Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick

On a lighter note, now that I mentioned Tiana, I could say I was subconciously channeling my inner Princess and the Frog in this outfit of mine. With my own personal twist on it of course. Though I already wore this dress before, I opted to style it differently with some other accessories I got this time around. They make a huge difference, do you think? Mixing green and earthy tones to strike a nice balance? Maybe I should do a whole "Heroines of Disney" kind of posts. Heehee~ What do you think? :)

Sears Boots, Forever 21 socks

Thinking of doing this 12 Days of Christmas thing where I post an outfit post for 12 consecutive days till Christmas day itself. Hoping I could do it religiously, but I'm surely gonna try my best! :D For Day 1, Princess and the Frog :3

11 days to go till Christmas! :D

  (.   .)o

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