Photobooth Invation -Part 1-

12/04/2012 01:00:00 PM

On certain occasions, my friends cannot deny smiling for the camera. Even if it's the camera of my Macbook Pro via Photobooth. Hahaha! Shyness be gone! >:3


These were taken last term while I was doing part of my Concept Photography finals. Little did I know that Ruth, Ida and Shirlene were already invading my innocent little Photobooth *sheds tear* Okay I'll take that back before Ida smacks me on the back or arm for it :))) 

When it's a laptop's Photobooth, there is no such thing as shyness :P

A few weeks before the photos above were taken, we had a different shoot for the same class. But while Ida and Patrick were testing the lighting, I decided to wear Shirlene's shawl as a scarf. On my head. Like a warrior. What is bored? :))) A couple of minutes later when boredom really took over (and Ida used my laptop for a quick lighting research), these shots were taken. Back when my hair was still never colored.

Feeling like I'm in an actual aquarium... Not! Forgive me for acting all weird and shallow when I'm bored. It's kinda funny how most of these photos were taken while we were being bored during a photoshoot for the same class... Wonder why..

I'm sure Patrick doesn't want his face to be seen in these kinds of photos. Especially when we convinced him to try out one of my wigs for the shoot, too. It was so easy for him to wear it since he didn't have to wear a darn wig cap to hide his hair like I had to. Hahaha! In my opinion, he could look like John Galliano with that wig on, heehee~

So with respect to his request that I assumed he will make, I conveniently covered his face with a cloud :3 Don't worry Patrick, your secrets are safe with us. Well, except maybe with Donn Rae, nyahaha >:P

Remember this? One of my spur of the moment blog post decisions. I do this curling technique in most of my photos on Lookbook, if you guys noticed. Hope it worked well for you too! :)

Kenny and I have fun with the Photobooth when we get bored too of course! This photo served as a joint Happy Birthday greeting to one of our close friends, Robin who believes that Kenny and I are her favorite OTP in life :"3 Heehee~ ❤

I'm pretty sure people know me for my signature fringe. So the first time I went to school with my fringe hair-pinned to the side, it turned out to be quite a "shocker" for some of my friends. What can I say? More requirements in school means I need to put more focus on them. Less hair disctractions, less worries.

And of course, Tonichi and Gian would love to invade my photobooth as well.

Truth be told, I only get to wear my fringe to the side 'cause I'm too lazy to trim them. Too lazy, or I really have no time to @_@

Now that I think about it, this post also shows so many hair changes for me through the course of two trimesters :))) Well, kinda.

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  1. funny snaps!
    may be we can follow each other-let me know and I'll return the favor!


    1. Thanks Helen! :")
      Sure! Followed in Lookbook, Google, and Bloglovin :>

  2. Awww fun and sweet! Nice to have whacky friends with you too. :)

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    1. Thanks Chai! I saw your blog post about your giveaway. So cool that your officemates get to share the same love for shoes as you do :)


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