TDOC Day 9: Peter Rabbit

12/23/2012 04:30:00 AM

(Photos of me by Kenny)

It felt like it was just a few days ago that I was last here in Makati with Kenny. Well, actually, it has been just a few days ago since we were last here, shopping for a Christmas gift for each other, when we stumbled upon Charlie the Reindeer over at Tickles, haha! And here we are again with a new cutiepie! :3

Okay, it all started off when we couldn't find another reindeer just like Charlie. So when I found out that there was another Tickles store over at Glorietta 4, I asked Kenny if we could go look over there if they had another reindeer. We did see their stuffed toys there, but they didn't have another reindeer that had a different colored fur from Charlie. :(

So after consulting the Mall's directory, we decided to take a break and grab some lunch before we head home without anything in tow (*sob*). We initially wanted to have lunch at The Old Spaghetti House, but apparently it's not where it's supposed to be anymore! D: We didn't know that they haven't updated the directory yet (fooey! -.-), so thinking we took a wrong turn, we stumbled upon the Gift Factory! Lo and behold, a wide array of assorted novelties and stuffed toys! And when I was looking at their stock pile in the middle of the store, I fished out a rabbit! :D

After falling for the rabbit (thank you so much, Kenny, for giving me this cutiepie!), we bought him right away and headed off to the food court, where I celebrated with my filet mignon steak form House of Mini's! :") Omnomnomnomnom~ ❤ delicioso! I didn't get to take a photo of what Kenny ate from Peppet Lunch since he was too hungry by the time he got his food and, well, gobbled it all up, hahaha! :P

Not everyone knows this little rabbit, but I grew acquainted with him since he kinda taught me the basics of Math when I was a kid (back when interactive CD games were the thing of the time). Anyone who knows Peter Rabbit knows he was created by Beatrix Potter in various children's stories. Which led to many merchandising ideas and adaptations later on. I had my own Peter Rabbit's Math Garden, which helped me learn the basic addition and subtraction of numbers before I went off to Grade School. :)

While waiting for our ride, we went around the area and I couldn't help but snap a few photos of the carabaos there. They're just so cute! XD

Baleno basic top, Sears boots

 Glam Rock Manila satchel, SM Accessories belt, Goody ColourCollection elastics, Adidas watch

SM Ladies Fashion vest, Pazzo shorts

Target earrings

Notice that White and Gold look so well together? Even the interior designs for the Holidays here show so. :)))

Knowing we were gonna do a lot of walking around in the mall in search for the stuffed toy we're gonna take home, I assumed the day called for comfy clothes. And I was right. Wearing this outfit was a perfect way to keep it comfy and fresh at the same time. Thanks to the vibrant colors, I pop out more than others do in the crowd, so it won't be too hard to spot me in the area. :)

It's a total 180 turn from yesterday's covered up look, don't you agree? Well, I blame the climate change. It's nearing Christmas and I can barely feel the Holiday Breeze. -.-' Though I won't let that stop me from enjoying this vacation of mine ;) Day 9 calls for some summer clothing with my resident Math teacher, Peter Rabbit! :3

3 days to go till Christmas! XD

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