TDOC Day 2: Moe Momo

12/15/2012 05:00:00 PM

皆さん、こんにちは!。◕ ‿ ◕。

*Gasp!* Sephie's blonde!! And she speaks Japanese!! Okay, not really. I'm just wearing one of my wigs here since I don't really have the guts to go full-on Blonde. I'm not THAT adventurious in my life yet, haha! As for the Japanese, I know a few phrases, and I can sorta understand some statements. I took some lessons when I was in grade school and watched so much anime growing up, so I can sorta adapt a bit. Maybe if I watch more Korean dramas, I can adapt their language too? Harhar! :P

You might be wondering what on earth possessed me to go "Cosplaying" all of a sudden, striking these "pa-cute" poses on the staircase. To be honest, I don't really know myself! Harhar! I just had this spur of the moment idea of wondering what it would be like to actually cosplay. But in reality, this isn't really what cosplaying is. It's just me dressing up as a typical Moe. Heehee~ Let's just consider this as part of my "12 Days of Christmas", shall we? :D Princess and the Frog for Day 1, Moe Momo for Day 2! :3

I have a lot of friends who are proud Otakus, and a lot of them Cosplay their hearts out in every event they can. I for one, am a fan of anime, but I don't consider myself as an Otaku, nor am I a cosplayer. My passion for anime isn't as intense. When I was in 7th grade, some of my friends wanted me to cosplay Sakura from Naruto, but I declined saying "Sure, I'll cosplay, if and only if you guys provide me with the clothes and accessories." Haha! Pa-importante talaga. Lol.

Kidding aside, I have utmost respect for those Cosplayers who really put their everything to their passion for cosplaying. Meaning, they make their own clothes and accessories in time for the cosplay event themselves. That's dedication. 

Pinkbox ribbon, SM Accessories wig

Personally, I'm not really a huge fan of wearing falsies. I find them cute since they help enhance your eyes with extra lush lashes, but putting them on is work (for me at least, since I'm not used to it yet), and I'm not comfortable wearing them. Kudos to those girls who can actually wear falsies with ease. Based on my experience, I need more practice :))

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick, Elf Cosmetics Essentials Hypershine Gloss

The last time I wore falsies was when I was in my Senior year in high school for Cue. Either way, they do give off the perfect "Doll face" look when matched with baby pink lips. I wore simple makeup for the whole Moe look. Although the only thing missing here are probably colored contact lenses, yes? I used to have some since my eyes are really hopeless, and with colored contacts I can see if I'm still wearing them or if they got blown by the wind by any unfortunate chances. But I haven't replaced them since they expired last year, so I resort to my glasses instead :( Perhaps next year, I'll buy some new ones. :3

Helga & Luna detachable collar

Doesn't the pattern on the collar look like it was made for the dress? Even the color's perfect! Talk about soulmates. :)

Honestly, I got this dress a few months ago as an impulsive purchase. I was expecting it to be longer than it really is, but when I tried it on...Ahahaha! Yeah, my rear was semi-exposed.. In the end, I couldn't let this cutie go to waste, so I wore white shorts underneath to cover the unwanted exposure. :))

This is a first for me to dress up in a more dominant Japanese fashion with all the lace, ribbons and makeup. Not so sure if it'll be my last. What do you think? :)

10 days to go till Christmas! :D 幸せな休日!

  (.   .)o

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