TDOC Day 6: Marvel Civil War

12/20/2012 02:01:00 AM

(Photos by Den-den)

This place might not look familiar, since the last time I was here, I had photos taken inside Rach's house, heehee :) So when I saw that the sunlight was casting itself on the streets, I asked Den-den to take my photos out there instead! :D

Before everything else, I'd just wanna start with this awkward candid photo Den-den took of me mid-speech. Thanks Den-den. I actually like my hair in this photo, har har! >:P

Wish I had my Canon IXUS 980 iS with me like last time, but since Dad needed it for his trip, I used my Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot that I won from my Grad Ball in high school instead :)

Since the year's almost over, we (Den-den, Rach and I) decided that we should have one more sleepover before "the end of the world". So here I am again (click here to read what we did last time)! Sleepover part 2! :D

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipstick and Dear My Crystal Gloss lipgloss

SM Accessories hat

I can't get enough of hats these days. Maybe it's a way for me to hide my roots? Maybe. But regardless, I still love my hats! :3 Especially them fedoras and bowler hats~♥

Next vest, Marvel Civil War shirt

As you all may know, I'm a fan of Marvel comics. Though I'm not a full-on Geek like Lenard, Sheldon, Raj and Howie are in The Big Bang Theory, I still know my fare share of Marvel facts :) Yes, I also play Marvel VS. Capcom, Marvel Ultimate Allience and all that stuff. :P My Faves? Gambit, definitely (oh mon cheri~❤). Spider-man of course. Psylocke for them ladies (even I say she's HOT, y'all can't deny that). Magneto and Dr. Doom 'cause they're so badass (especially in the games!) And many, many more. :))

Next shorts, SM Accessories belt

Wearing one of my favorite Marvel shirts seemed like a nice choice for a chill get-together with my best friends from high school. But wearing just a pair of jeans and this shirt, plus sneakers (though they are the best comfy combo) seemed too ordinary for me today, so I grabbed my bright red shorts, a jean vest, a bright neon belt, some heels, and a hat to spice things up a bit. :) Doesn't my shorts and belt combo remind you of an apple? Haha! 

Fashioncookie ShoeAvenue shoes


In one look, you can all notice how I got bits and pieces of colors from my shirt itself. I just incorporated each of them into the other parts of my entire outfit for a more pop of color. :) Feeling edgy in this outfit actually! From my dainty girly ensemble yesterday, to this "I'm ready to smash — at a concert" outfit today. Day 6 is Marvel Civil War! :D

6 days to go till Christmas! :D

  (.   .)o

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