TDOC Day 10: Frosted Gold

12/23/2012 07:12:00 PM

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! There's just something about this year that made me wait for the Holidays more than I usually do. Regardless of the weird hot weather here in the Philippines, my excitement for this year's Holiday Season just can't be deterred! XD

My apologies for the grainyness of the photos. The Sun's playing tricks yet again whenever I take photos inside my room :( Maybe that's why a lot of my facial expressions here look so masungit (or snobby in English) haha! And with the weather being crazy (it rained sometime earlier this morning, wth), I resorted to taking my photos in my room instead. If you look at the photos again, the grainyness may contribute to the feel of it in some way :3

Taking a turn once again for a different route. Yesterday's colorful shopping ensemble to today's "Holiday Party" look, Day 10 calls for a more Golden Frosting feel. :)

If only my fringe would stay put when I put it to the side :[ le foo! They seriously don't cooperate as much as I'd love them to some times -.-'

Looking at my photos, I get the feeling na ang lakas ko maka-sosyal bigla (I feel so high-class all of a sudden), har har! :P All thanks to my masungit face. Kinda feel like that Donya Angelica Santibañez meme that's been spreading over at Facebook. "Facundo! Dalhin mo sakin lahat ng SM Entertainment Idols. Gusto ko pakinggan lahat ng kanta nila." nyahahaha! =)) I follow her on Twitter. Seriously, if you can understand Filipino, she's one person you won't regret following :]

Goody So Secure hairpins

Anyhoo. Speaking of hair, I'd love to thank Ate Tiff (Kenny's older sister) for the Christmas gift she gave me! :"D When I opened her gift yesterday (I'm sorry, I was too excited to wait for Christmas itself), I knew I had to wear them in one of my holiday photos for sure. If you've been following Goody online, you'll surely see their updates about their products being a great gift idea for your loved ones. And I have to agree with them! A girl can't have too many hair accessories, yknow! :P I used my new hairpins with my one sided hair 'do here! Pretty neat, huh? :) 

Bossini coat (old)

Old Navy skirt, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue shoes

Red Apple necklace, Tomato peplum top (old)

I got this top of mine a couple of years back, way before Peplum made its comback, actually. Come to think of it, I keep wearing it at least once every Holiday season... It must be cause of the vibrant Red it holds, a go-to color for the Season. What do you think? :))

From Taft ring, SM Accessories feather cuff, Yhansy bangles (part of a set)

Like I said before, Gold is the best way to accessorize for the many Christmas parties during the Holidays. :) Can't deny the classiness it brings to your overall look!

2 days to go till Christmas! :3

'Tis the season to follow me on Bloglovin and GFC as well, heeheehee! :D

  (.   .)o

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  1. Cute skirt and shoes!
    come visit me, maybe we can follow each other? :)

    1. Thanks Sue! :D I'd definitely want more of these Litas, haha!

      Sure! Followed you on GFC, hoping you can do the same? :D



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