TDOC Day 5: Cinnamon Charlie

12/19/2012 04:10:00 AM

(Photos of me by Kenny)

It's been a while since I "curled" my hair like this. I kinda miss it actually. It felt good to curl it again today. So for today's post, I shall divide it into three sections. The ugly, the awesome, and the cute.

The Ugly: (Disclaimer, this part will be kinda filled with hate and anger, so if you don't want to read it, you can skip this part and move on to the next one) You all know how much I've slaved through my finals, right? Not sleeping was one of them. But when I saw my grades yesterday, I was happy to find that it all paid off. Well, all except for one subject. The one subject I thought I did enough, doing my best in the limited time (and resources) we were given to do our requirements (which was way more than we could honestly handle at such a short amount of time). But the grade I saw online stated otherwise. Trying to contact my professor to ask for an explanation for the said unsatisfactory grade, all I received were empty promises of trying to double-check said grades. The tone of his voice reaked of annoyance to some degree, which kinda pissed me off more. 

Anyhoo, I went to school this morning, found out my actual grade, felt that it couldn't be any more wrong that it already was, and asked for a clearer explanation from said prof, who in turn did nothing but give me a vague and very lousy "explanation" as to how my Pre-Final grade dropped 10 effing points from my Midterm grade. Now any normal human being would want a clear and logical explanation as to how this sort of monstrocity could've happened. Apparently, I got neither from him. In a nutshell, I did not get the grade I deserved. If ever I did deserve the grade that I got from said prof, I deserve a logical explanation for the ludacris grade he gave me.

In any other case, I would've accepted the grade, IF I myself knew that I deserved it. But there's this sick, sick feeling in my stomach saying that it doesn't seem right, therefore I will not accept such a blasphemous result. I hate professors who give you a grade and expect you to just roll over and accept it without a clear enough reason for you to understand how on earth you got it in the first place. I hate it! I hate it with all my guts! It's unfair and unjust! And they shouldn't get away with it so easily! My parents paid good money for me to learn something in college, and just because a prof is too lazy to explain to a concerned student why they got that kind of grade, doesn't mean that they should just diss us like we're some annoying little bug not letting go. We're paying you to teach us and to grade us fairly, not to do as you please and get away with it. And no, I will not accept any lousy excuse that you keep repeating without any other reason to support your argument and "move on" from this injustice. #ragemode #rant

The Awesome: After crying over the news that my prof gave me such a low grade (which I still am not accepting till I get a decent explanation for it), Kenny and I headed to Makati for some lunch and some Christmas shopping. It's also our Monthsary today, so lunch called for an awesome menu. :)

Nothing screams Awesome louder than Japanese! XD Teriyaki Boy for lunch, yo! Oh heaven~

Creamy Spicy Tuna Tar-tare


Buffalo Chicken Karaage

Like they say: "When depressed, eat."

SM Accesories hat, Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipstick, Dear My Crystal Gloss lip gloss

Petit Monde dress (old), Forever 21 socks, Asianvogue shoes, Glam Rock Manila satchel

The Cute: Lookie who I got! Kenny and I got this little cutiepie before we headed out for lunch. There's this cute little store called Tickles situated near the Theater side in Greenbelt 1. They sell these really adorable stuffed toys and accessories, this little guy included :")

I love this pink dress from Petit Monde. Its "corset" design by the waist area is perfect for creating that hourglass silohuette every girl wants to have! And just like any corset, you can adjust it to your liking (yes ladies, you can breathe in this one :P) conveniently placed in front. So from a candy colored ensemble to a strawberry inspired get up, Day 5 is Cinnamon Charlie! :D

Goody ColorCollection Elastics, Charm bracelet as a gift from Sunny

Simple accessories for this outfit! A nice charm bracelet and my trusty Goody ColourCollection elastics (which I used to curl my hair here) are what I call for my arm party here.

Kenny and I share custody with this little fella. We split the bill when we bought him. It felt like buying a dog, actually. Haha! Our own baby :") 

We were trying to think of a name for our little reindeer. Something cute and easy to remember...

Coming up with Charlie the Reindeer was the original plan since Kenny wanted it to be a boy. But later that day I noticed how Charlie's fur resembled the cinnamon powder I usually add to my coffee in the morning, so I said we should call him Cinnamon instead. But since Kenny liked the name Charlie already, we kept both names. So now, he is officially Cinnamon Charlie Reindeer, or CC for short. Ain't he adorable? :"D Happy 20th monthsary Kenny! I love you with all my heart till forever ends~ ❤

7 days to go till Christmas! :D

PS: If you still don't have any gift ideas for your loved ones, you can check out Tickles in Greenbelt 1, Glorietta 4, and in Market!Market! I'm sure they have something that can tickle your fancy :3 (pun intened, har har!)

  (.   .)o

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