TDOC Day 12: Away in A Manger

12/25/2012 05:00:00 AM

Such adorable Christmas decorations, don't you think? :)) Well they were the ones who greeted us goodbye when we left Mama's house after our Pre-Christmas Dinner :)

I always love going to Mama's house every Christmas. She makes it a point that her house is adorned with so many stuff that just scream the feel of the Holidays! Every time I step into her house during the Season, I can't help but get even more excited for Christmas! :3

See my excitement? :))) Thanks for taking my photos Dad! :3 ❤

Even Mama's Trimmings are so classy~ I'm totally envious! XD

At this point, before we left after a really fantastic dinner with my cousins, aunt and uncle, we already distributed the gifts for one another, hence the present-less tree. :))

Such a gorgeous Angel topping off the tree.

Santa's always there to make the children happy every Holiday Season. You can't deny that when you tell a kid about Santa and his magic sleigh filled with gifts and hard-working elves, a smile is surely gonna spread throughout their hopeful faces. The magic of Santa and his elves will never go away for sure.

But the real reason we (should) celebrate this Holiday is because it started when this angel announced the coming of the One who'll save us all from our sins.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! ☆♥ Your love for us will never be forgotten and we will always be grateful for it.

I hope you enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas I did :) Maybe I could do it again next year? :3 Happy Holidays, Everyone! :D

  (.   .)o

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  1. All is wonderful ! You are so pretty ... And the photos and decoration are so lovely !

    1. Thanks so much Tanya! My Mama owns so much pretty classy stuff for Christmas :") Happy Holidays! :D


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