White's Hot: Classy

11/15/2012 02:53:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

It's the last leg for the White's Hot Fashion Face-Off on Facebook! Have you been extra generous lately and kept on religiously voting for me for the past few days? I sure hope you have! :D I really appreciate all the support you guys give me. It makes me feel like what I do matters. Thank you all so much! Win or not, I do hope I still made you guys proud. :3

Wondering where my scars went? Well I'm going to be honest. I decided to photoshop it off the pictures for now. I figured this post deserves scar-free legs. I hope you guys don't mind. :< My wounds are healing really well, btw! :D Not photo-worthy yet, but good enough that I can finally stop semi-limping around campus. For now, let's just pretend that I magically received some amazing healing DNA from Wolverine or Archangel that swiftly got rid of those retched scars, shall we? Heeheehee :3

I blame myself for not bringing a nice hard-bound book with me! It would've looked more legit if I was trying to look so poised and graceful emoting and sitting down like this with a book at hand! Grrrr! Foooo! >.< Next time for sure! D:

I was attempting to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn in this outfit! And maybe a bit of Taylor Swift, Blair Waldorf, and even a dash of Michelle Obama. "Attempting" being the operative word. :P

Rajo Laurel wrap, SM GTW dress

Although I don't think any of them would twirl around like what I did dressed like this. Hahaha!

Nor would any of them be caught dead doing the duck face.

I love this dress. If I could have it in every color there is out there, I'd be one happy camper, I swear! It's been soooo looooong since I've been looking for a classy, elegant, A-line dress like this one! And when I found it hanging on the racks of the department store, I checked the size, then the price tag (force of habit), then went to the counter and paid for it. I was that easily convinced that this is the dress I was looking for. It's design is so versatile, you can wear it anywear! I wore this to school with my red Keds, a jean vest, a thin belt, and a statement necklace, then changed into this when I got home for a more formal look. Can you imagine me going to a tea party in this? Or maybe a garden party perhaps? If you wanna go for a night out, you can wear this dress with silver accessories instead of pearls and statement heels. :)

Why hello there bare back of mine! It's the first time you showed up in any of my photos! Thanks to this dress, I have slowly learned to slowly get out of my comfort zone. It's dresses like this that convinces me to not think twice in buying them as soon as I see them! It's simple, but definitely sexy. What more can you ask for, right? 

One more reason why I love A-line dresses and skirts? Girls who are a little bit more insecure about their butt or thighs can easily hide it when wearing these kinds of dresses and skirts. Since it doesn't hug every inch of your lower half, people will tend to notice your legs more than what you're insecure of. Sneaky, huh? :3

Mom's vintage pearl accessories

Rajo Laurel sash (worn as belt), Yhansy ring

Nothing spells out elegance and class better than pearl accessories. But some people may associate pearls with a more mature look. Since I still wanna retain my youthfulness, I opted to play with color again by using bold colors of red and blue as my main color palette, and my accessories be white and neutral. That way, it won't look too bland and boring but still interesting and eye-catching.

Congratulations to Obama for winning the Presidential Elections again btw! Cheers to four more years! \:D/ This outfit of mine definitely screams Obama-USA supporter, hahaha! :P 

If I were to be invited to meet the President of the United States, or have tea with the Royals, I'd probably wear something like this. :) Hopefully if that ever does happen, my scars would've faded away for real by then, heeheehee. >:P



Don't forget to keep voting for me everyday till November 24! Heehee :3 ❤

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  1. You're so cute. =)
    Such a sweet dress. And yes, very appropriate for an American themed presidential win! I'm an Obama supporter so I'm glad he won... =)


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