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11/07/2012 12:18:00 AM

(Photos by Den-den)

Get ready. I'm going to be killing so many birds with one stone for this post, so I'm hoping you guys won't mind that. (PS: sorry for the grainy photos. It's my first time to have photos taken indoors. Pooo lack of sunlight! Poooo!)

One of my favorite cities that I've been blessed to have visited in my life is the "Concrete Jungle where Dreams are made of" , as how Alicia Keys sang so (admit it, you totally sang that in your head just now). New York just has this character to itself that you can't deny from loving. With it known to be the City that Never Sleeps, every time I go there, I'm never proven wrong. It's not like Hollywood or Manila, or all the other cities out there who are also known to be very busy. Learning from the news that the storm named Sandy has left New York in such a tragic state, I can't help but just pray for the people who were affected by the blasted storm! I have the highest hopes that the people of New York and all the other states that were affected by the said storm will be able to get up, dust their knees, and move on from this unwanted event. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. :(

Another thing I heard from the news for a while now is the on-going presidential campaign. In relation to that, I'm going to tell you guys a pitifully funny story...

I haven't seen my high school friends in AGES (try, 5 months?), and when Trisha decided to host a hangout - slash - dinner - slash - reunion thing at her place last Friday, I was beyond excited to meet up with them! And with that, nothing could stop me from looking my best! This directly translated to me grabbing these lovely booties that I also wore here. But as soon as I took them out of their plastic wraps, I sensed that my red Keds were trying to grab my attention from them. Kinda like saying "No, Sephie! Wear us instead! You'll regret it if you wear heels today!"

Crazy as it sounds, in my gut I really felt like they were telling me that. But did I listen? Well, let's just say I should have. If I did, I wouldn't have tripped and fallen down some stupid stoney staircase after eating dinner out. I'm serious. According to my friends, they said I looked like "a starfish falling down a sandy dune.", or when I trip, I really trip. So now both my knees, my right elbow, and my left shin are covered in wounds and scratches. I can't stress enough how much I miss my unscathed legs, really. #bloggerproblems As melodramatic as it sounds, I get envious when I see girls who can still show off their legs while wearing skirts and shorts. Especially since I'm not really one who favors jeans at all. *sobs* #petiteproblems

Goody ColourCollection elastics, Pazzo shorts

I should've trusted my gut instincts. But I can honestly say that I paid more attention to what my friends would think about what I wore. Which was so stupid of me since they're my friends and they don't really care about what we all wear as long as it isn't revolting or insulting. *sigh* Lesson Learned -- the hard way. 

Next jean vest, SM Accessories necklace

To connect that with the up-coming US Presidential Elections, I'd just have to say to my American readers: Trust your gut. Whoever you feel is right, whoever you feel will help create good change to your country's economy, whoever you feel you can trust the next four years of your lives with, vote for that person. Don't be swayed with all the glitz and glamour of what some people will say to persuade you to vote for them. Of course both parties would want to win. But think about it first. Don't just vote for one because everyone else says or thinks he's the right person, or because everyone else expects you to vote for him. Vote for who you feel is right for the position.

How did I end up hurting myself, you ask? Well, I was trying to video everything we were doing that night. From talking, to eating, to walking, to dancing, to making fun of each other, etc! I was so concentrated on what I was doing, that when we walked out of the restaurant after dinner and into the darkness, I saw in the camera (as I shot and walked #multitasking) that the staircase wasn't well-lit. In fact, it wasn't even lit at all. The light from the lamp post wasn't strong enough to actually illuminate its surroundings. I was multitasking thinking "Oh crap! Better be careful going down!" while filming the whole thing. Ironically, when I stepped onto the stairs, my heel got caught in between the uneven cobblestones (Yes, the staircase was made of freaking cobblestones like how roads were made in Jose Rizal's time. What the hell.) and started sliding down the stoney steps like it was a snowy mountain in Christmas morning while simultaneously trying to save the camera from hitting the ground.

SM Accessories fedora, Folded&Hung cuff (old)

Luckily, Alex saved my face. So I got wounds on my elbow, shin and knees, but none on my face. Good enough I guess? #simplejoys

Forever 21 socksAsianvogue booties

Anyways! Speaking of voting... Please vote for me in the White's Hot Fashion Face-Off on Facebook when you do get a chance! It'd be such a huge honor to style Ms. Solenn Heusaff for a fashion magazine shoot. This experience has been a very new and surreal thing happening for me as I have never really dreamed of doing anything like this. I would really appreaciate all your support! Tell your friends, your families, your friends' friends, your orgmates, officemates, your parents' officemates, classmates, teachers, a random stranger, everyone about it! Hahaha! You can vote once a day till November 24. What're you waiting for! Vote now! \:D/ 

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