Truly Grateful

11/23/2012 04:45:00 PM

We may not have the turkey-loving holiday here in the Philippines, but I still would like to grab the opportunity to express my huge, HUGE thanks for the many blessings that happened these past few months...

Allow me to say that this was actually what I wore when I watched Cue last week. Unfortunately, with the days getting shorter and the nights growing longer (as Christmas draws nearer), I wasn't able to take a photo of it then. Poooo! :( And you all know how I'm not a fan of taking photos indoors and under low-lit conditions. So here I am recreating it instead! :D I'll talk about what I'm wearing in just a few moments...

First off: I wanna say thank God for all the blessings He's constantly giving me. For all the strength I've been granted when I've been struggling with problems and the like. I know You'll always be there for me no matter what happens, Lord. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

Second: I wanna thank my family for their patience and unconditional love, putting up with me during my "off" moments, especially my "Don't talk to me, I'm already stressed out with schoolwork so shhhh!" days (Yeah, I'm like that. I really dislike people bothering me when I know I have to concentrate on something that I need to finish soon.) Of course, I wanna thank my friends who continue to help and support me when I'm moody, lazy, stressed out, distracted, lost, confused, babbling, and/or completely spazzing. You guys know how to deal with me so well! >:P Har har! I love you guys! :3

Goody bobby pins, Glam-Rock Manila satchel

I definitely won't forget my readers. I am so incredibly grateful for you guys! Thank you so sooooo much for beliving in me and in what I do and write, no matter how opinionated, crazy, and random I can get. When I started this blog, I just thought of it as some place I can document my growth. I never really imagined how widely embraced it would be. Reading your comments and thoughts about what I write really makes me happy. And after nearly 6 months into it, it's just really heart-warming to see all your support to this day! I don't know how else I can show my gratitude, but honestly, I'm really, REALLY thankful. :') Hoping for your continuous support! :") 

Now on to what I'm wearing... It's simple when you look closely. Plain top, skirt, socks, boots, and button-down. Something you can wear to school or when you go out with your friends. You can even wear this when going to a movie date or when you eat out for lunch! It's comfy and casual, yet still cute and youthful, a combination I hope I can call my own. :3

Ross polo

I am so grateful that I have the most awesome boyfriend ever who doesn't mind lending me his clothes from time to time. Really Kenny, you're the best! >:*< I love you with all my heart till forever ends~ ❤

Naf Naf skirt (old)

I love tiered skirts like this one. They're simple but very romantic. And they can be used for formalwear, casualwear, and even corporate! Super versatile while keeping it romantic.

Forever 21 socks, Sears boots

'Tis the season to wear warmer clothes. These socks and these really adorable boots Kenny got me for my birthday were perfect when I watched the play! I was perfectly comfortable in it while I was moving around taking pictures too, so lucky bonus for me! :3 


One more thing I'm thankful for? Being in the Top 5 in Colgate's White's Hot Fashion Face-Off! It was my first time EVER to enter in a cometition like that, and to have reached the Top 10 finalists was and achievement in itself already. But to be in the Top 5? I can't even... @_@ The experience was just so surreal. Thank you sooooo much for all who voted for me every day from November 5 till November 24! I couldn't have done it without you! ❤❤❤

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  1. Love your bag :D And those socks are an awesome detail on your outfit :)

    1. Thanks so much! :"D I wish I had more of these thigh-high socks though :)))

  2. I love this look, I now followed you, check out my blog.

    1. Thanks Hazel! :D Followed you too :>

  3. As always, I can say : I love your look, Such a pretty combination !

    1. Many thanks as always, Tanya! :") Miss you! Hope it's not too cold in France this season :)


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