TGIF - Last Friday Night

11/07/2012 01:00:00 PM

Rewind to what was happening before my pitifully funny story happened...

We didn't really "dance on table tops, max our credit cards, get kicked out of a bar, went streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark", or anything wild like that. We just had the typical tamed Girls Night Out. Hanging out, catching up, eating out, dancing around, making fools of ourselves, just enjoying each others' companies. What more could we want, right?


#deepthoughts Sunny :))

Korean food for the K-Pop lovers!

Hahaha! So much drama this photo has (I sound like Yoda, har har)! No, we weren't fighting or anything. I don't really remember what I was telling Alex here, actually. Something about not doing the duck face in photos I think? Or was it that I don't really do any pose unless it looks natural. We're total opposites like that; she's more used to the high-fashion type of poses while I go for something more catalog. Hahahaha!

Mika, Zhar and Nikki went out to pick up Julia. So Trisha, Den-den, Alex and I were the ones who stayed in the condo waiting for Sunny to arrive, and just in case Trisha's parents come back early.

Because I love Alex so much, fiiiiiine, I'm including this photo in this post. :P Please don't judge me and my friends for our love for K-Pop. Or if you've judged me already, I hope you can accept me for my weirdness, hahaha! If you're a fan of K-Pop yourself, can you guess which group and song this pose came from? :)

We have a thing for laying down on the floor.

Trisha "Does this make me look Fabulous?" Hahaha! Love you Trisha! ❤

Den-den always fooling around.

Can you touch your toes without cheating by bending your knees? :D

Mirror check! ;)

Stay tuned for the video I shot (and hurt myself badly for) tomorrow! :D


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