Tale As Old As Time

11/19/2012 12:46:00 AM

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their entrances and exits; And one man in his time plays many parts." -- As You Like It by William Shakespeare

(-Insert post!-) Kenny and I decided to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 earlier. I gotta say, after 4 not-as-satisfying movies (in my opinion at least), they finally have a movie where I actually like it. Thank GOD they decided to write a different ending for this movie! I wasn't a fan at all of the book's ending. The twist in the movie was annoying, but it was actually relieving. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. :) (-end Insert post-)

When I was in my Junior year in High School, I decided to join the Cue Drama Club in my brother's alma mater. He kept telling me to join when I became a high schooler myself, but I was only able to find the time (and maybe a little courage) to join in my third year. It was such an experience, being on stage. I can't really find the words to describe it. All I can say is that once you've experienced the stage, you'll be begging for more of it. But alas, my stay only lasted for 2 years. From being a courtesan in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, to one of the students in Grease, spending my Cue years as one of the chorus is something I wouldn't really trade for anything else. There was a time where I kept to myself and wasn't really as outwardly spoken about my thoughts and opinions. I wasn't really into fashion as much either. *gasp!* Shocking but true :)) I wasn't as confident with myself till I had my Cue experience, tbh. Cue helped me tap my confidence awake and let me discover who I really was. Being on stage in front of all these people.. Sounds scary, but it was more exhilarating than I ever expected it to be! Sure I wasn't playing the lead roles, but who cares? Being one of the chorus girls (was)is just as fun! Every show is your show, you don't really have to memorize lines, all you do is dance, be whoever you want to be, and look pretty and have fun! 

From left to right: Jec, Jver, and Marc. I miss these guys! They fell in line with Kenny and I, and spotted these seats when we entered the theater. Funny how coincidentally, all three of them were sporting plaid polos that night, har har! 

I feel so different being part of the audience when just a few years ago I was one of the people running around, dancing and singing on stage. *sobs* Cue memories! #nostalgia

We went up to the balcony area where Ms. Ginny(our former Cue director)'s special guests were. That's where they usually sit when they watch the plays to get the whole view of the stage. Plus, it's near the tech booth where 1/3 of the magic is cooked up.

It was a full house later that night. People were trying to find a good seat. Some even ended up sitting by the sides since all other seats were taken!

Hello, Levi and Nina! I missed you guys too! :3

Thank you to the La Salle Green Hills Alumni Association for helping make this year's Cue production a success.

Break a leg, Cue-ties!

Okay, from here on, I have to apologize in advance for my lack of photography skills. >.< I tried my best using Ida's Nikon while documenting and enjoying the whole play. And I have to say I'm sorry cause I'm really not used to using her Nikon dslr compared to Patrick's Canon dslr which I use more often (you can even see my tags/labels). Sorry for the grainy and dark photos! Maybe if I had a camera of my own, I could document next year's play way better, hahaha! Anyhoo. Hopefully my attempt to let you get a glimpse of what happened in the play through the camera's lens would not be too much of a disappointment.

Cue Drama Club Batch 2012-2013 did a marvelous job in bringing to life A Tale as old as Time about an odd girl named Belle who learned to love the Beast in the castle. This play is trully one of my favorite renditions of the club. And I'm super glad I watched it! It was based on the hit Broadway musical, though it was very similar to the Disney movie; a number of songs and performances were also incorporated into the play, which added more depth to each character. I absolutely wish I could watch it all over again! If you've watched the movie, you can pretty much guess which scene each photo I took is from.

"Course by course. One by one. Till you shout, 'Enough, I'm done!'"

Grrr darkness! In reality, this is supposedly a really awesome projection of the dark forest. >:[

Okay, can I just say? The costumes were really, really, really cute! XD

I had quite a difficult time taking photos when the light kept flickering (kinda like strobe lights) in certain scenes. Does anyone know how to take photos when that happens during plays? :-/

This is how you make brooms clean the whole castle. Heehee! >:P

I'm so glad that they made Monsieur d'Arque, the creepy old man in charge of the local asylum from the movie, into someone, well, less creepy. Really. That guy in the movie gave me the creeps! >.<

Guys could learn some gentleman tips from Beast! #1: Offer the lady your hand and meet her at the bottom of the stairs.

#2: Escort her to her seat.

#3: Have good table manners!

Did you know? Belle is the only Disney Princess who didn't personally sing the movie's theme song. Every other princess sang the theme song to their movie, except her since Mrs. Potts (the teapot/cook of the castle) sang it.

Talk about backstabbing .__. Thanks, Gaston.

Another trivia! The animators of the film didn't realize that Beast didn't have a name for his human form. Not till they were animating the transformation scene did they realize this, and came up with the name Prince Adam. Yup! It's Belle and Prince Adam for ya!

Oh, to be human again~

I wish I got more of Babette (the feather duster/chambermaid of the castle) and Lumiere's (the candelabra/valet of the castle) constant flirtations. But alas! I did not. I'm sorry ;__; Congrats to Bianca and Enzo for rocking their roles (Babette and Lumiere respectively) like there was no tomorrow!

The play ends and the actors step back onstage for their curtain-call.

During the gala show, the girls are all given flowers as congratulations for a job well done. Congrats to Nikki for her 4th year playing a main character on stage! XD

Of course even the production team (prod) get to come on stage too!

Friends and family members may come on stage to give their own bouquets.

And to cap off everything, every Lasallian sings the Alma Mater (Hail to De La Salle). Congratulations to sir Mike for directing such a successful play, to Ram and Edu for running the tech stuff smoothly, to the Cue-ties of batch 2012-2013, especially the Seniors. I'm pretty sure a lot of bitter-sweet tears were shed backstage that night. Till next Cue play! :3

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