Smile my little Doll

11/10/2012 02:11:00 AM

(Photo by Jill)

Looks harmless right?

Well, this is supposedly a screencap of the last video shoot we have as a group for my Video Production class this term. We still have individual videos to take care off for finals, but this "horror" video is supposedly the last group activity! YEEEEESS! *happy dance* 

Can I just say, from this angle, I just look like a sweet girl with her little blonde doll playing outside? Hopefully we can edit the film and make it into a something considered scary. If not, then it should give you a laugh to say the least, hahaha! :)


PS: Have you voted for me in the White's Hot Fashion Face-Off yet? No? WHY NOT?! D: *sobs* Okay I kid. But please do still vote for me every day till November 24! All your support really means a lot to me in this experience. So do keep on voting! :D

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