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11/11/2012 02:40:00 AM

(Photos by me and Kenny)

If you've been following my blog for a while now, then you'll prolly like this post. For once, I'm actually posting about an event. Har har! I'm sorry, I'm kinda on hiatus on socializing a parties since college started. (Studies first!) So you can guess how important this night was for me. Let me tell you, it was REALLY IMPORTANT

I apologize for the grainy photos. I hate taking photos under low-lit situations. But I didn't have a choice! D: Either way, the mantra for tonight is "Make do with what you have". Remember how I got my scratches last week? Yeah, well I was really worried about how I was going to present myself for this event since I got them...

As one of the Top 10 Finalists for Colgate-Palmolive's White's Hot Fashion Face-Off happening on Facebook, we were all invited to the Official Media Launch of the new Colgate Optic White held last Thursday in Mango Tree, Bonifacio Global City. We were allowed to bring a plus one with us, so I asked Kenny if he wanted to come with! :")

Cocktail events call for cocktail treats! Yummy springrolls and crab cakes I'm guessing? Aren't they cute? They tasted really good, Kenny and I kept asking for more every time the waiter was passing by. #shameless

Last Monday, we finalists were asked to style our models the same way we styled ourselves for our Casual Blog posts. The photos they took from that photoshoot were blown up and printed out for the event so the judges can critique each style. Cool, huh?

My model (Tanya Sway) and I had different shoe sizes so I asked her to wear her black pumps in lieu of my black Litas. Either way, I say it works, don't you think? :)

Don't forget to vote for me everyday till the 24th of November! I really appreciate your support! :D ❤

Bianca Valerio hosted the night very gracefully.

Multi-talented Artist, Ms. Solenn Heusaff was also present being the spokesmodel of the brand. 

She, along with Fashion Editor, Blogger, and Socialite, Jenni Epperson...

... Model, Actress, and Entertainment Anchor, Phoemela Baranda, and Fashion Designer, Blogger, and Judge on Project Runway Philippines, Rajo Laurel completed the Style Squad who gave their opinions on each of the finalists styled look. I have to admit, it was pretty nerve-wracking waiting to hear what they had to say about my work. But as soon as I heard Rajo Laurel say that he liked what I did, nothing else seemed to matter much anymore. I was satisfied. #heaven

Some of the finalists present had a photo-op with him too! Lucky!

It was really nice to finally meet my fellow finalists. Seeing their individual personalities beyond their blogs was really something worth knowing. You can't judge a book by its cover as they say, right?

Towards the end of the night, we were given these cute white gift boxes.

I know what I'm gonna be using when I clean my teeth! Hahaha!

I had one drink that night (tbh, that's all I could handle since it's been so long since I had some #IamSOweak) 'cause I had an early call-time for a video shoot the next day. Can't sleep-in a hangover now!

I want to thank Ms. Estar, the PR representing this event. She's so sweet and patient with us finalists these past few weeks. I admire her passion for her work. Thanks so much Ms. Estar! Hope you enjoyed the night as well! :)

Having a photo with THE Rajo Laurel literally made my night. Forgive me if I sound like a fangirl, but I've been dreaming of meeting him ever since I was a little kid! I have total respect for this man and his works of art. Trully, he has a gift for fashion. And having a photo taken with him is just asdfghjkl kiyaaaaaa!!! XD *happy dance* I can already pose for America's Next Top Model's Dream Come True Fragrance Ad with this feeling in mind! Har har! ❤

So like I said at the beginning of this post, I was really worried about my wounds and scars for this night. I was stressing about what to wear to hide them. With the attire for the night being cocktail, showing off your legs has got to be the number one asset on your list! Waaaah!! What to do?? #panicmode

SM Accessories necklace (top) and belt (old), Red Apple necklace (bottom)

The last time I went to a formal event or a social gathering/party (as embarassing as it sounds) was well, one of my friend's debut. So figuring out what to wear for this night was kinda on top of my list. First off: what to do with my legs?! How do I hide the scars?? I've been considering maxi skirts, stockings, high socks, anything that can cover my legs! I was really panicing! I didn't know what to do... Then I realized, maybe I shouldn't try so hard to hide them, and just wear them as is.

SM Ladies Fashion sheer button down

My mom and my friend Tonichi (who saved my life and lent me the skirt I wore in the photos) said the same thing. "Don't let the damage take over the outfit planned." So I decided: I'mma rock these scars and wounds like they're my one-of-a-kind latest fashion accessory! So what if I have scratches and scars on my legs? These things happen. We're only human. We get into accidents too! But that doesn't mean we have to be embarassed about them. When people ask me what happened, I just smile and say "I fell down the stairs and scratched myself. No worries! They're healing pretty quick now." There's no use feeling down about something that's just temporary.

Matthews for CMG heels (old)

Folded&Hung cuff (bottom), Yhansy stack bangles (top) and ring, SM Accessories clutch (old), Vanillapop tulle skirt

How did I "hide" the scars? I have to admit, I didn't try too hard. I just thought of distracting everyone's eyes from the scratches and diverting their attention with what I was wearing instead! Going for a white, gold and black themed outfit was perfect for that! It's clean, classic, and glamorous all at the same time! Of course, it also helps to cross your legs properly and place them away from where the camera is while looking poised whenever you feel insecure about them. Just don't let your insecurity show and you'll be fine. :)

After the party, Kenny and I wanted something more to munch on, so we went to Starbucks across the street. I was curious about their Dark Cherry Silvania, and the really nice barista told me it's really good. I gotta admit, when I tried it, he was right. It's like merengue cake covered in dark chocolate frosting with milk chocolate shavings and a cherry on top. Kenny liked something softer and easier to eat that won't stick to his teeth, so he went for the equally yummy Banoffee pie. Perfect dessert to end the night ❤

Another tip when hiding scars? It helps to pose under lamp posts too so shadows can be cast to cover them up for a while. I held my clutch closer to the end to let its length cover part of the scratches, as well. Pretty sneaky, huh? :3

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