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11/21/2012 03:52:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

I went on a class trip to Quiapo, Manila (for the first time in my life) today, and boy was it scorching hot! Knowing the environment of Quiapo based on what everyone else tells me (family's and friends' stories about their Quiapo experiences), one thing came to mind when I thought of what I should be wearing when I go there: Be as casual as you can be.

When in Quiapo, acting all spaced out and distracted is a HUGE no-no. You should always travel in groups, and ALWAYS be alert.

You shouldn't be wearing anything branded or flashy. Attracting attention to yourself is the LAST thing you'd want to do. So that also means no iPods, iTouch, iPhone, etc. If you must bring a phone with you, make sure it isn't a smart phone. And do not -- I repeat, DO NOT -- use your gadgets out in the open.

Crissa jeans, Kicks for The SM Store sneakers

We went on a walking tour (which I will post about soon!) around the area of Quiapo for our Video Production class. So with that being said, I picked my comfiest sneakers to date! Seriously. Walking for 3 hours under the morning sun didn't feel as tiring as I expected it to be with these shoes! :D

Goody ColourCollection elastic

I love the sun for photographic and artistic reasons. But I'm not really the biggest fan of it when I know I'm going to get darker when staying too long under it. So when you go on walking tours when travelling, make sure you wear sun screen to protect your skin. I regret not wearing any, but *sigh*, hopefully I didn't get any darker. ;___;

Nike golf cap

Of course, I wanted to have double protection from the sun. And since wearing shades/sun glasses will only attract attention, I opted for my dad's black cap to shield my eyes. Take a tip from the celebrities you see on TV or in photos. They usually wear caps when they're out and about or switching flights in the airport :)

SM Accessories Snoopy backpack (super old)

Laugh all you want, but I actually found this backpack to be so cute! I've had it since I was in grade school, and it's still standing strong to this day! I was a Peanuts fan (well, more on a Snoopy fan since he's adorable) while growing up. Bringing this backpack with me was a good decision made. It's not too big, but not too small either. Which is a good thing since inside was an extra shirt, a towelette, a water bottle, a snack bar, my wallet, and my Canon IXUS 980 iS point and shoot (which Kenny also used to take these photos of me). See that small pocket at the top with the paw prints? I put my spare change there for commuting so I don't have to pull out my wallet all the time (which is also a no-no).

And lookie who still wanted to hug me even after I got all sweaty! Heehee! A guy trully loves a girl if he still hugs and kisses her even when she isn't all dolled up, and even after sweating all day. :3

Lastly, to keep things simple, I wore my Cue Drama Club Grease shirt for a more presko (or fresh) look. I personally prefer sweating in larger-sized shirts than in skin-tight ones. That way the sweat doesn't really stick to my skin too much than it already does (if that made sense). So those over-sized band shirts are perfect for these trips! And of course, wearing no make-up and my hair away from my face is one way to go when I know I'll be sweating a LOT. Thanks to my Goody ColourCollection elastics (which I always wear on my wrists), I was able to braid my hair to the side to keep the back of my neck cooler!

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  1. Super look , super cute !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Thanks so much, Tanya!! :") Miss you!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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