LoL - #deep

11/08/2012 01:00:00 PM

Remember when I said before that I was so focused on what I was filming that I got into an avoidable accident? Well, this is it! This video was what I was so focused on doing. :D

Earlier that day when we were catching up while waiting for the others to arrive, we had this running joke that ended up with us attaching "#deep" after everything that, well, can be connected to the word deep. Har har! You can pretty much imagine how much of a running joke that was the whole night, heehee~

This video was an option for my group's music video for one of my classes. Shot mostly by yours truly, except for the parts when my face is present. Trisha shot parts of dinner, and Zhar took the ones after I got my accident, heeheehee. My friends are so fun to be with! I seriously love spending time with them. It's like going home after travelling for so long. A place where I can just be myself. I love you LoL! ❤

More videos with them in the future. I promise! ;) Hope you enjoyed watching :D

(This is purely for academic and leisure entertainment purposes. I do not own the song. I own the footage.)

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