Hey Ma! I was on TV!

11/20/2012 12:01:00 AM

Well this is a first! To be featured on the local telly even for just a few seconds is so out-of-this-world for me!  Flashback to a few weeks ago when I attended the White's Hot launch party for Colgate Optic White in Mango Tree with Kenny! The media was all over the place, I kid you not. From people over at ABS-CSB, to Studio23, to ETC and MYX! One of the media team members was even chilling with us till he and his boys had to scout and film inside the venue, hahaha! And he was the one who coincidentally won the grand raffle that night too! Lucky guy! :D

So it's the last few days to vote for your favorite stylistas! I sure do hope you guys have been voting for me! Haha! :) I appreciate all your support. By getting this far in the competition (based on the number of votes, I'm practically part of the Top 5, yeeey!), I find it an achievement and a huge blessing in itself already. So win or not, I'm proud of what I've reached. And I'm eternally grateful for everyone who helped me get there. If by any chance in the future you guys encounter something like this too, don't forget to hit me up! I'd love to repay the favor! :D

To my foreign readers, I'm sorry if the videos are in Filipino. :( In a nutshell though, they hyped us all up for the styling challenge, wondering who among all the finalists is gonna be the lucky one who will win a cance to style the Colgate Optic White brand ambassador, Solenn Heusaff. :) For more info about the event, check it out here.

Can you spot my poster in the video? It's the one where I styled my model based on my Casual blog look. Having a photo taken with my fellow finalists and THE Rajo Laurel was such a pleasure. I can literally scratch that off of my Bucket List! Thank you Colgate for letting me experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! :")

Funny how in the second video, Kenny's seen while I ain't. Oh the troubles of being petite. DX Har har! Anyhoo! Be proud Kenny! You were on TV! :D Oh! And if you look closer at when Kenny's seen, he was actually trying to convince me to eat one of the cocktail treats that time >:P

So during the launch party, we were given gifts which contained the whole Colgate Optic White dental kit. From Toothbrush, Toothpaste, to whitening Mouthwash, everything's there to help us gain confidence as how the people of the industry have recently discovered for themselves! Ain't that great? :D With whiter teeth, you can have confidence as well every time you smile them pearlier whites! So try it yourself! Grab your very own Colate Optic White and see the difference of whiter teeth in just a few weeks :3

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  1. I saw you in the first video! You're beside Rajo! 8D
    and then I saw Kenneth in the 2nd video :)))

    1. Got that right, Gian! :))) I'm the little girl beside Rajo =))) Yeeey! We both got our own TV features :D Kenny's famous na rin! Har har! >:P

  2. AHHHH! That's so exciting, Seph! :D Great job! When the pictures were loading earlier, I could instantly tell which outfit was yours. :D Ya know, because of the bright blue colour which immediately sets you apart. ;)

    CONGRATSSSS. And good luck! :D I tried to vote for you before, but Facebook and the Colgate app refused to let me. D:

    1. Thanks Raeeee!!!! I didn't notice that before. That I was the only one wearing bright blue =)))

      I wish you could vote! But It's only restricted to Metro Manila Facebook users D': huhuhuhu! </////3 I felt kinda bad since I have a lot of international readers as well who would probably want to support me in this. :'( Uber thanks for your support though! I really appreciate it! :3 We miss you!! ❤❤❤

  3. You already! Congraaaaats! :D

    1. Hahaha! Me already! :P Thanks Marc! :>


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