Dear Dolly

11/13/2012 01:45:00 AM

Remember my last post about this? Well, here's the video I was talking about!

Like I said before, it's supposely our last group video. And we decided to make a video about two sisters who don't get along. The older sister (played by Ida) constantly picks on the little sister (played by me) every time the latter plays with her weird doll. Not having any friends, the little sister treats her dolly as her best friends and relays her feelings to it. Little did she know that the doll is indeed possessed by an evil spirit and manipulates the child to take revenge for the things her older sister does. Freeeaaakyyy!

So we shot this video in my Mama's (my Mom's mom) house. It was kinda amusing and thrilling at the same time since I know that the house is kinda filled with relatives' wandering souls and the like. I kept scaring Jill, Shirline and Ida about random instances when my late Papa (Mama's husband) would appear to random people from time to time. Scary stuff, man! Even I have to admit to be spooked by the stuff I tell them. But I gotta put on a brave face even for a while, even if it's just teasing my friends. Nyahaha! >:P

Anyhoo, Jill and Shirlene ran the camera, Ida and I acted. This version's edited by me :)

And that's a wrap for our group videos! Next up, finals! :D

I do hope you guys enjoy the video. I kinda feel so OC about the editing, but well, I can't do anything about it now, hahaha! Till the next video! :3


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  1. I love your blog!!! It's so adorable :3.


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