Who's Afraid of the "Big Bad" Wolf? Certainly not I!

10/29/2012 08:51:00 PM

So Lookbook.nu is having yet another halloween costume contest, pretty much like last year's. Since I just started my Lookbook profile last April, I'm pretty excited with this costume contest. How do you join? Well, it's pretty simple!

> How to enter

  • Click the "Submit" button in this page to post a look that features your fabulous Halloween costume!
  • Optional: Indicate the DIY items in your look. For bonus points, tell us in the description about your costume's "concept" and how you put it all together.

> Contest rules

  • We're collecting entries from Oct 24 through Nov 2, 2012. No entries will be accepted after 23:59:59 PDT.
  • Contest entries must abide by LOOKBOOK.nu's standard rules for posting.
  • All winners will be chosen by American Apparel and LOOKBOOK.nu staff who will take into consideration the overall quality, originality and creativity of the entries, the amount of hype received, and the interestingness of the written descriptions.
  • Contest entries DO NOT need to include American Apparel items.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter this contest, and a purchase will not increase chances of winning. Odds of winning will depend on the total number of entries received. Void where prohibited. Total ARV for all prizes: $2,250.

> Prizes

> Questions?

Can I submit more than one look?

Yes, you may submit more than one look to increase your chances of winning. However, no contestant will be chosen to win more than one prize.

Do I have to include American Apparel items in my entry(s)?

Not at all. As long as your Halloween is unique and interesting, you're eligible to win. 

We don't have an American Apparel in my country, can I still enter? 

Yes. The American Apparel credits are for the AA online store at americanapparel.com, which ships internationally. 

How do I enter if I am not a LOOKBOOK.nu member? 

If you haven't heard, LB is an open community! Become a lookbooker by signing up here.
If you need help or have more questions, please email yuri [at] lookbook.nu.

Cool, yeah? :D

Remember my Red Riding Hood post? Well, I submitted it as an official entry to this contest. But I didn't want to delete the first photo (the one sans the entry), so please don't delete or flag it! :( 

I hope you can support me in this! I'm really excited for this contest. :) If you guys have submitted your entries to this contest too, leave a comment below with your Lookbook Username, and a link to your look so I can also hype them! This'll be really fun! Happy Halloween! \:D/

P.S: To see the complete list of what I'm wearing here, read about it here :)

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