When September Ends

10/02/2012 12:02:00 AM

I couldn't help it. I kept thinking about that Green Day song since last friday. And when the people on the radio kept on making that joke all day, I realized that corny people do think alike, har har!

It's weird (in a good way I guess) that the rain decides to pour during the evening nowadays. It's just annoying me so much that I had to do more light editing with my photos this time around. The skies were already getting darker when I shot these, so yes, I did change the lighting a bit to give the photos a brighter feel, making the photos less sharp and definitely granier. I'm sorry. I tried my best :'( #sob Boooo, stupid rain! Booooo! I hate you! Boooo!

Never Been Kissed skirt, SM Accessories stockings, Kicks for SM Dept. Store shoes

With September already gone, and October settling itself for now, the days are shorter as the nights grow longer. Pretty soon, Christmas is around the corner and we'll all be stressing over (in a good way I hope) our Christmas shopping for our loved ones. (*ahem* *ahem* K-POP Fantasy Concert tickets please *ahem* SNSD and EXO fan, here *ahem* *ahem*) :-"

Is it obvious I was too lazy to think of what to wear for school today in this outfit? Well I think it is. I'm basically wearing all black. From tank top, to skirt, to stockings! And my idea of "spicing things up" is grabbing my brother's sweater off my bean bag. Yup, this sweater I'm wearing here used to belong to my brother when we were kids. Now it's aaall mine! :P Har har! #lazy

Although my sneakers are more gray than they are black. I guess that's my other attempt in "spicing things up" a bit. Heehee~

Baleno top, My brother's old sweater

Well, I gotta admit, this was supposed to be an accessories shot. But since it's all blurry and stuff, I guess it looks more like a perfume ad? Hahaha!

And just because I'm corny like this: September's ended, and I'm wide awake. (See what I just did there? har har!)

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  1. simply cool , an adorable combo of colors black and pastel blue .Oh , the weather is bad and rainy too ! Just good to wear a pair of boots ! LOL .

    1. I know what you mean! Although I wish I had more water-proof boots. Most of what I own are either suade or something like that. They'll surely die when water makes contact :))


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