Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

10/03/2012 09:14:00 PM

Well, they suspended classes today again. We were all out by 11:30 this morning so we can all go home safe before flooding happens. I for one am glad to be home earlier than any usual Wednesday. More time to do homework (and for bed)!

And here I thought the rain was gonna subside by the time the sun was supposed to rise. For the past few days it had been like that. Rain falls at night helping us sleep easier with the cooler breeze. Today was an exception though. It kept raining till the early afternoon! Hence the class suspension.

 I think I underestimated the intensity of the temperature today. I was expecting more of the usual "Brrr it's so cold! (but can still be tolerated by covering up a bit) @__@" kind of cold in our classroom earlier. Especially since the air condition in our lab class is kinda busted (there ain't no difference whether you turn the temperature up or down). But after half an hour, it felt more like "Holy crap. Was I just hit by some Arctic Blizzard or something?? O__o (winter clothes-appropriate)" level of cold. I couldn't even bend my fingers properly to send text messages! Nor could I type faster on the keyboard. My fingers felt numb and frozen! I'm definitely bringing some form of winter clothes next week. Hmph! #cantworkproperly

Forever 21 top, Terranova skirt, SM Accessories stockings, Glam Rock Manila satchel

Goody ColorCollection Elastics, Adidas watch

I should be gearing up for more Fall-to-Winter clothes soon. The weather's changing eratically so fast...

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  1. Wonderful , I love very much your look again, the skirt is very cute , pretty sweater ! Super lovely girl !

  2. Thanks again Tanya! It's getting really cold here in my part of the world, heehee~ I'm most probably going to wear more sweaters soon :)

    1. the weather is similar in North of France.. Just 18°c , today it is rainy ! I like winter outfits , it is also a pleasure to combinate some new original looks !

    2. 18°c?? Woah that's cold! >.< I have such low tolerance to the cold though. I might be really covered up if I'm in a place with that cold temperature :D


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