Vanilla Pop

10/07/2012 04:47:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

I'm so thankful to have had the time to take these photos before the rain started to pour. And fortunately enough, the sun and the skies were cooperating with me even for a bit till Kenny and I were able to take these shots for today's post! Yeeey!! \:D/ Thank the heavens that the lighting was just ever so perfect for what I was wearing today! #photographyproblems

Vanilla Pop dress, Old Navy skirt

This dress just jumped in front of me when I was browsing through Vanilla Pop's catalogues a few days ago. Seriously, it spells C-U-T-E soooo much that I was determined to get it ASAP! Thankfully it was still available. *happy dance* Isn't it just so fitting for the season? I think it is! The color, the textures, the feel. It's definitely one of my favorite Fall dresses to date! 

Oh! Before I forget. Have you guys joined Vanilla Pop's giveaway yet? You should if you still haven't! They're giving away a cool leather skirt AND a très chic neon clutch. Sooo cool! All enries must be sent by October 14, 11:59pm to qualify for the giveaway. That's 7 days to go! And it's open to all Filipino residents. So what're you waiting for? Go check out Vanilla Pop's first giveaway now! Go, go, go! :D

Red Apple necklace

Normally I'd jump to a farther, higher place away from creapy crawlies like bugs and insects. I have this rule that I simply cannot tolerate creatures that have more than 4 legs and less than 2. So anything that can crawl on their bellies or have more than enough legs to go around is OFF LIMITS for me. 

But this little fella Kenny and I saw in the park was just so weirdly cute, we couldn't resist but to take a photo of it! Haha! #suchweirdos

It's not like any other regular higad (or caterpillar in English) we normally see in gardens and parks that're totally black, gross and hairy. Eww. But look! It's like a cross between a dog and a caterpillar, with something else in between. Hahaha! Okay I'll cut it out before I start to creep you out.

Forever 21 socks, Asianvogue booties

Oh how lucky I was to have received these lovely pair of booties just this afternoon before I went out! It's like it was made for me to wear them today. Talk about destiny! How could I say no to that, right? Finally! I have my own pair of Litas, hahaha!

FYI, sitting on the bar is not as easy as it looks. In my head I kept thinking about how much I agree to how the girls at ANTM would feel when they're given a difficult task but still have to model gracefully through everything thrown at them. Now that's what I call total dedication!

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  1. love this look babe, btw do you mind following each other?

    1. Thanks Sasa! :) Sure, don't mind. No problem :D

  2. super look as always , love totally ! Nice necklace , it represents for me my song " la clef du bonheur " in english : " The key of happiness " Love your boots, you are very pretty with a perfect style !

    1. Thanks always, Tanya! La flef du bonheur sound so cool and mysterious, it's like my necklace has a story behind it. Haha! <3


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