The Lucky One

10/29/2012 12:57:00 AM

(Photos by Den-den and Kenny)

Every sleepover has a hangover that greets you the following day. May it be the literal one with matching headache from all the alcohol you drank the night prior, or the other kind from just staying up all night playing charades and card games, catching up on stories without alcohol involved, and groggily trying to get out of bed for breakfast the next day.

So here I am sitting on Rach's front porch while waiting for Den-den's Mom (who very kindly brought me home since my house is on the way to theirs). I felt all tourist-y in this outfit. I'm guessing it's from the hat and the comfy clothes?

We had such an epic night, waking up was probably the biggest challenge we faced after staying up all night. But then again, I'd say it was all worth it :)

Kenny's alternative class that afternoon got cancelled (YESSS!! I mean, Awwww. Heeheehee), so he was able to come over around lunchtime (a few minutes after I got home). I felt sooo bad that I was still so tired from staying up late the night before, I couldn't help but fall asleep on the couch with him! I slept on him for an extra 2 hours! Nooooo! D:

Kenny just said it's alright if I fall asleep on him as long as I'm in his arms when I do. Awwwww!! I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend like him! ❤ #cheesy #willstopnow 

I got these really adorable shoes a month ago and I thought it was a bit of a challenge to pair up white shoes for casual wear. I know, white's a neutral color. But one thing I noticed when it came to black and white footwear was that they're total opposites. Black is easier to match colors with than White is. You see very few people wear white footwear for any occasion unless they're wearing sneakers, or they're out jogging. So I did one of my Go-To deeds to find a way to pair these lovely beauties: use a country's flag as basis for picking your outfit's color palette! I already based an outfit on my country's flag and the US flag before, so I'm sure it works. #ChallengeAccepted

Little Turp sheer top, Next shorts

Don't I just exsude the French flag here? Red shorts, check. White shoes, check. Blue top, check. To my readers from France, I hope you don't mind that I did this. And I hope you like it :)

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk and Dear My Crystal Gloss

Yhansy necklace and ring, Goody Ouchless elastics (hair and wrist), Adidas watch

Since I came from Rach's house, I still wanted to feel comfy even when going home. Like I said, I feel all tourist-y in this ensemble. So wearing simple accessories was my pick to let the three main colors take the stage. 

What do you think? :D

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  1. Difficult to not love your looks ! So pretty again... I love those fantastic shoes ! ♥

    1. Thanks so much Tanya! I dedicate this post to you! ❤ Hope you're doing well with your music! :D

  2. my eyes went directly to the necklace, such pretty necklace :D

    1. Thanks Verna! :D It does capture attention doesn't it? Haha! You can check out Yhansy on Facebook if you wanna get yourself one :) They sell really awesome and affordable accessories there :D

  3. Nice post and nice blog...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D
    New post on my blog
    Facebook Page

    1. Thanks a bunch, Marie! :D Sure, I'd love to! :3


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