Peach Blossom

10/15/2012 10:21:00 PM

(Photos by JJ)

Taking a break from all the dressed-up days and decided to persuade my brother to take my photo when we got home from school/work. So as a disclaimer, I'd just like to say I'm sorry for my not-as-glammed-up look and face in the photos, and I apologize if I look so bangag (or "tired" in English). It's school. It does that to you, hahaha!

Next jeans, Keds sneakers

One of the oldest trick in the book of fashion is pairing dark colors or shades with lighter colors or shades (Dark + Light). Case in point: my "faded in" jeans and my shoes + basic top. The bold red color of my basic top and sneakers is subdued by the lightness of my jeans. That way their boldness won't hurt your eyes.

Yhansy tassle necklace, Little Turp peach aztec top, Baleno red sleeveles

Just to add a bit of cohesiveness to my look, I wore this peach colored aztec polo I won from Little Turp a while back. Its color also subdues the intensity of the boldness of my red top. And it helps that they're of the same shade! They blend in perfectly with each other. See the bonus? Haha! I grabbed this bronze tassle necklace I bought from Yhansy to give an accent to the color of the aztec print of my sleeveless top. Plus, just like I mentioned before, it helps cover up unwanted "cleavage action" too. Heehee~

You can still look pretty even if you're wearing the simple basics :)

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  1. beautiful style , do you see me on Fashiolista ?

  2. thanks Tanya! :) I haven't touched my Fashiolista account in a while now. I'll surely check it out when I have a chance :D


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