Off to Grandma's House

10/25/2012 04:43:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

I've always loved listening to and reading about fairy tales growing up. They make me wanna live in them even just for a day. Don't you? The thrill, the adventure, the weird turn of events... They're so surreal!

If the title of this post, and the intro wasn't clear enough of a hint for you, then perhaps this photo would help? It'd be better if it said "This way to Grandma's House" though. But "Picnic Place" is good enough, haha!

My parents have always encouraged me to lean towards the books instead of just lazing around watching tv and playing video games while growing up (though I am still guilty of that). And one of the things I loved reading again and again while I was a kid was the fairy tale book collection they got me to read to myself. So there I was, reading these stories about girls facing challenges with their mothers, falling in love with a prince charming (whom they just met five minutes ago, wth) who sweeps them off of their feet then they get married after three days, and even about children going on adventures in dark forests. It all sounds crazy now that I'm older, but as a kid, I never really saw anything wrong about these things. Weird, right?

You could probably guess who I'm referring to on that last part, right? Heck, I dressed up as her for halloween! If you follow me on Twitter, you'd prolly have seen my tweets two weeks ago about my attempts of being a mananahi (or a seamstress in English). Well, here it is! To be honest, I liked Little Red Riding Hood probably because of the hood and cape she was wearing. It just looked so... incredibly flowy, it'd certainly be loads of fun twirling and running around in it! So while my inner child squeeled for joy when I had the idea of dressing up as her for halloween, I spent 2 days making this gosh darn hood and cape from scratch!

Red fabric, check. Soft material, check. Flowy feel, check. Seriously, I was so darn relieved and ecstatic the second I finished hand-stiching everything. I could've cried! (Yeah, you read that correctly, I hand-stitched everything since our sewing machine is dead, booooo to the nth degree! #SeriousMananahiMode, #perseverance). If there's a will, there's a way, as they say. And I was super determined to get this thing done before the weekend passed!

I chose not to go with a basket of goodies this time since I asked Kenny to take these shots before we went to school again this morning. So much hassle if I did being a basket just for this. It'll be too bulky. Plus we didn't wanna be late for class! Rushing the daylight again, as usual. Instead, I brought my super adorable Wolf-in-Sheep's-clothing baby, Logan! I got him as a birthday present when I turned 18 in Singapore. And boy, was I happy to see his adorable face on that shelf! I mean, c'mon. Look at him! He's too cute not to be bought, haha!

DIY hood & cape (Peach Twill fabric from Fabric Wearhouse), SM Accessories belt and wig, Petite Monde dress

When I woke up on my 18th birthday, the first name I heard was Logan. Apparently, my brother woke up earlier than everyone else, and was watching X-Men on TV. Now being a self-proclaimed Marvel Girl, I just had to name him after Wolverine! So he's Logan, the Wolf-erine (get it? har har!).

It's kinda obvious that I'm so excited for halloween, huh? Well, it's free candy, who can say no to that? So what's your costume for halloween? :)

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  1. Be careful with the wolf ! You are adorable ... ♥

    1. Haha! If the wolf's this adorable, I wouldn't mind it following me :) Thanks Tanya!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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