Lasallian Engineer

10/16/2012 11:40:00 PM

(Photos by JJ)

There's something about black T-shirts that exudes that laid back look with a hint of masculinity, don't you agree?

Soda skirt (old), Goody Ouchless Elastics, Adidas watch, SM Accessories hat

Personally I would've liked if this skirt was an inch or an 1 1/2" shorter than it really is. But if it were so, I won't be allowed to walk the halls of my school wearing it at that length. We have a limit to the length of our bottomwear in my school. It should not exceed 3 inches above the knee. If we don't abide, we'd get reprimanded. But since what we wear reflects our character, I don't really see anything wrong with that rule.

SM Ladie's Fashion vest (old)

This black T-shirt I'm wearing is really my boyfriend's. I borrowed it a month or so ago, but I only got to wear it today. I know, I'm so bad for not returning it sooner! :( It all started when Kenny asked me if I can successfully pull off any look with a twist of my personal style into it. I sensed the challenge in that question, so I abided, and he lent me this shirt. And because the Animo blood runs through my veins, too, I can't be any more proud to wear a shirt like this. :D

Like I said, black T-shirts have that laid back vibe with a hint of masculinity to them, right? They're perfect for those days when you're just too lazy to think of what to wear when you go out. I took it as a challenge to style it with a little more Me into it. Hopefully I was able to successfully pull it of.

I initially opted to wear some jean shorts with this, but when I thought about it more, it just seemed less femenine and not like how I wanted it to look like. So when I noticed the green letters on the shirt, I grabbed my red floral skirt from my closet and wore that to school instead! Green and Red are each other's complimentary partner when you look at the color wheel. And complimentary colors usually go really well together (like Blue and Orange). Plus, floral definitely looks girly and feminine enough. Although, since I didn't want it to look too feminine or out of place yet still be able to keep the edgyness of a black t-shirt, I added in some casual touches for an overall appeal.

A grey studded vest and a black hat to spice things up usually does the trick!

Converse sneakers

Classic black Chuck Taylors is surely a Closet Basic, definitely a Must-Have, and "totally worth it" investment. It's like having dark-wash jeans, basic white tank tops and basic white t-shirts! Classic, and timeless. Perfect for those lazy days but you still wanna feel comfy and sexy. :)

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  1. simply and so pretty ! All outfits are perfect on you ! ♥

    1. Super thanks, Tanya! I wouldn't say all outfits look perfect, haha! Miss you! ♥


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