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10/28/2012 03:44:00 AM

I mentioned before that I was gonna dedicate a separate post of what happened at Rach's house, and as promised, here it is! I'll keep it more "photo-blog"-ish with short captions on some photos to give you a clue on what went down on such an awaited event in our lives, hahaha! 

Yes, Rach has chickens. Cool huh? :D

Her cousin dropped by during the afternoon! Ain't he adorbs? Yes, his eyes are naturally green. I'm so envious! Heehee~

We watched some K-Pop videos on YouTube to pass the time.

Pizza for merienda (or snacks in English)! Hawaiian's my favorite, especially with lots of pineapples. Yummyyyy~

Den-den has Sims3 on her laptop and she wanted to make me and Rach into sims. So we made Sims3 versions of ourselves, and I have a puppy and a kitty!

Meet Aki my dog.

And Mittens my kitten, ahahaha! They're both so fluffyyyyyy~!! XD

After creating a world for each of us in Sims3, we decided to play some games in the other room so Rach's sister, Roxanne, can sleep soundly without being disturbed.

Random photos of our toothbrushes.... And us brushing our teeth.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth to keep them healthy and your smile so pretty~!

Hello Kitty PJ's for Den-den.

Puppy dog for me.

And Pooh Bear for Rach.

Time for bed! Sweet dreams! ❤


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