Time After Time Part 2: Grade School Reading

9/07/2012 02:52:00 AM

Day 1 of my 4-day "term break". Fortunately for me, my schedule for next term consist of classes being on Mondays to Wednesdays only. With that, I'm still able to rest even for a few days after the hectic first term. Knowing that I'd be facing a new term in a few days, I decided to do a little looking back. Well, more on a look back loooooooong ago. Yes, it's that far, long ago. You'll see why...

I did some rumaging again in my room after re-watching some 90's to early 2000's anime I grew up with (Hello Ranma 1/2, Rave Groove Adventure which is totally better than Fairy Tail, Fushigi Yuugi, and Sailor Moon SuperS!). This time, I found my other source of happiness besides the toys I played with, the shows I used to watch, and the video games I played. I wouldn't really call myself a "book worm", but I did love reading since I was a kid. May it be the fairy tales Mom used to read to me before I sleep, or the little pocket books I ask for her to buy for me. Up till now I still love reading. Although I don't really get to spend as much time as I used to with all the school work needed to be done, but I'd definitely read a book any chance I get. My parents got me to be interested in reading at an early age. I even practiced reading them outloud to my stuffed toys! They were such good listeners too, har har!

Allow me to present to you some of my guilty pleasures as a kid (circa 2000):

I've mentioned before that I entered my Powerpuff Girl stage after my Barbie stage, remember? Well, my geeky-ness won't be complete without some things to read, heehee~

After PPG, I had a bit of a Nancy Drew and the BabySitter Club phase, but only for a tad bit. I used to borrow them from my best friend, Lindel, since she loved them so much.

If I can't buy a book to read, I resort to my school's library. But just to give a little change to my reading list, I went for the Monsters category for kids. I think it was the time when The Extreme Ghost Busters were on Cartoon Network, that I had an interest in the supernatural beings and creatures. Even the books I read were about Monsters, Ghosts and Ghouls. Seriousyly, I had like, 2-3 library cards in a year filled with these books! These're about these kids thinking that some of the people in town who resemble certain kinds of fictional monsters. Totally adorable!

Influenced by Lindel, my love for reading grew as the years passed. She introduced me to Madison Finn, too! 

These Pokemon books are just some of the books I read if I wasn't playing with my Pokemon toys then.

Enter my Mary-Kate and Ashley phase.

During the 90's and early parts of the new millenium, people were into the whole idea of "I wish I had a twin sister/brother" thing. Mary-Kate and Ashley were kinda my go-to satisfaction for that. I found it highly amusing that they portrayed the typical "twins don't always share the same interest" stereotype. Both girls have similarities and differences, but the way they present them in their chosen form of media (books, shows, etc) was done tastefuly well.

My collection grew little by little. I didn't really notice it at first, to be honest. I just loved reading their books when I was in 4th grade.

I was such a fan, I even remember one Christmas when I asked for nothing but books. I kid you not! I didn't ask for games or toys for that year. I just made a list of the books I wanted. I asked from my parents, and even Santa Clause for them just so I can get them in bulk sooner. Uh-huh, believe it or not, I divided the books I wanted to receive from my parents, from my brother, and from Santa for Christmas. I wrote to Santa putting all the titles I wanted on a letter and hung it on the tree by late November, giving him time to look for all of them. Of course, I wouldn't really mind it if he didn't give me all of the books on the list, but he did! And boy, the size of the boxes (yes, it's more than one) that I got that one Holiday.. I was obviously a gratefully happy kid, haha!

You can call it an addiction, I guess? A good one, at least. Before I entered college, books were my haven from stress. I'd go to any bookstore just to check out what book's good enough to buy or what's new on the shelf. So yeah, I guess you can call it an addiction. I wouldn't mind my own kids in the future to have the same one.

Here's the heartbreaker... My Mary-Kate and Ashley collection isn't really complete. At least, the Sweet 16 series isn't (I don't consider the movie books and the New Adventures series part of it). I'm missing the first book of Sweet 16, and it breaks my heart that I don't have it. Huhuhuhu! <///3 So to anyone who knows where I can get one for a not-so-expensive price, please tell me? Have mercy on li'l ol' me :'(

Anyhoo. Books aren't the only thing I love reading. Magazines are on my reading list as well!

I spy with my little eye: the very first issue of K-Zone!

Of course I had to read it's female equivalent too: Total Girl!

I didn't even notice that most of my Total Girl issues have MK&A on them too. Fangirl much? Haha!

Late grade school till high school, I started reading (and even collecting) W.I.T.C.H. And I'm proud to say that I have every single issue they published here in the Philippines till they unfortunately "ended" it.

I've always loved Hay-Lin. It was an added bonus that she's dating the cutest boy in the series, Eric, though. Heehee~ But I love Hay-Lin's personality and as a character too. Plus, she's an artist, like me :P

Yup! I even got the Specials! ;)

Reading's such an important thing. I'm grateful that I was introduced to it at such an early stage in my life. It really helped my with my studies as I grew up. If I wasn't introduced to it like I was at a young age, I'm sure it'll affect my study habits greatly. I'd prolly hate reading, be too lazy to do any reading and studying, and God knows where I'd end up because of that. So thank God for books and other reading materials! And hopefully, they help define who you are.

What's your favorite thing to read when you were young? :)

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