Time After Time Part 1: Tiny Toys and School Accessories

9/03/2012 11:54:00 PM

Did you ever have those hoarding tendencies when you were growing up? Well, I sorta did. "Sorta" being an understatement. Since the first term is nearing its end for us students studying in a trimestral university (we're just waiting for our grades to be given this Wednesday, then we can call the first term officially over), I figured I can kinda de-clog my room. "Kinda" being the operative word. Haha!

So I started with my headboard. Well, it's supposed to be a headboard but I moved it to the side of my bed instead. So it's more like a side-board now, I guess? ANYHOO! As I was saying, I started with that. And the first thing I saw were my college entrance exam mock test booklets, and my high school yearbook, both of which I chose not to take photos of for security purposes. Soooo I continued to dig through the stash collected inside the big wooden box that is my headboard and I found this: One of my artworks in grade school! Hahaha! Even then I was already a fan of bunnies. I really don't remember what I was supposed to make for that class that I somehow ended up making this out of scrapbooking materials, green crepe paper and beads. Plus torn up pieces of bond paper for the bunny. And GLITTER. When I saw the glitter, the first thing that entered my head was "Sephie, why? WHY the GLITTER? What were you thinking??" Guess my dislike for glitter wasn't surfacing yet at that time (゚-゚)

Then I dug up a red string bag somewhere underneath the mountain of paperwork and sketchpads. And when I opened it, lo and behold what I found! Treasure! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

These are just some of my Pokemon collection. Can you still name these cutiepies? ◕ ◡ ◕

Yup, these little ones have a zipper on their bottoms that you can unzip and reverse to turn them into a pokeball. I can still remember how I played with them before. My brother and I would pick random pokeballs, not knowing who's inside them, then we'd have a little pokemon match, 3 against 3. It's so fun! I can just imagine myself as a kid going all "Use Flamethrower!" hahaha!

Don't they look cute? These finger puppets were from McDonald's. I am a self-proclaimed McDo girl. Ever since I could remember, my brother and I would always want to eat at McDo and get whatever's the Happy Meal toy available. We'd collect them as much as we can. These finger puppets were no difference. Ironically though, we didn't get Pooh anymore since their stocks ran out really quick. *sniff* How do the characters hold the items, you wonder? Well, if you look closely at the picture above, you can see small patches of velcro on their hands to hold the items they have. Neat huh? Toys before were way better than what are available now. I guess that's why kids nowadays resort to electronic gadgets instead. They don't experience the fun of actually having a toy to play with.

These Farm Animal Oddballs are just so adorbs! You can just throw them around and play catch with them, heehee~

I specifically remember my parents getting my brother and I one of each of these. A panda and a pig for me, and a panda and a pig for him, just so it'd be fair. Can you guess who this pig is? Clue: He's really famous :-"

And of course I'm positive you know who these three are. Another Happy Meal treat of my childhood. I was only able to get these three guys, but there were 28 of them apparently. And just like Winnie the Pooh, the others ran out really fast. Guess that's Disney for ya!

If I could get one more of the 28 Millenium Collectables, I'd prolly get Mushu :D

Lucky me to find Barbie's groceries. I kid you not. My Barbie dolls can "go hungry" too :))) My early childhood was predominantly Barbie-fever if not stuffed toy-filled. Barbie school schoes, Barbie rubber shoes, Barbie bags, Barbie hair accessories, etc. I was a Barbie girl and I am not ashamed to say it :P

Heck, I even had that 3-room, folding Barbie house that I got from Santa Clause that one Christmas. I was sooo sure that I wouldn't get it, 'cause it ran out of stock in every toy store in the metro (yes, I was so desperate for it, I asked my parents if we can check every toy store in Metro Manila for its availability. And they just told me to ask Santa to give it to me for Christmas since I was a good girl anyways, har har). Call it a Christmas miracle or whatever, I literally squeeled when I saw a giant gift under beside the tree. *Happy kid*

See? Even Barbie eats Chips Ahoy! >:P

I loved watches when I was a kid. Can't you tell? Har har.

After my Barbie stage, I entered my Powerpuff Girls stage. I had PPG pillowcases, bags, toys, handkerchiefs, clothes, footwear, apparel, etc! I'd even ask my parents to video record it on TV when we're out of the house just so I wouldn't "miss" it. Then I'd watch everything when I had the time, like after doing my homework. Boy, do I miss PPG :)))

Remember those watches where you can change the design of the cover by sliding a character on it? I had the Disney version of that (see photo below), and a Power Rangers version of that too. I'd change the Ranger I wanted on the cover of my watch, then I'd pretend that if I'd press the cover with the Ranger on it, I'd get whatever power that Ranger possessed, heehee! I'm such a dork like that :)))

Gosh, even McDonald's had watches before! Haha!

Last, but not the least.. remember these? These were THE in-thing in school when I was a kid. Aside from the changable cover watches of course. If you had this, you're soooo cool, hahaha! But seriously though, this was like, one of the best inventions we kids had before. Foldable brushes or combes with mirrors on the other side was so innovative, I think they evolved to smaller one nowadays, yeah? The Hello Kitty one's my favorite. If you press the button on the middle of the flower on her head, the comb pops out like a pocket knife! It's so awe-some! And you can slide the big heart cover to reveal the mirror. Super. Cool. (☞゚∀゚)☞

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