Marshmallow Madness

9/16/2012 03:52:00 PM

How you fix your hair makes a huge impact on what your overall outfit will look like. Whether you tie your hair up into a ponytail, adorn it with so many hair pins and clips, or simply wear it as is, your hair style speaks volumes.

Wearing your hair up into a ponytail gives off that "tidy" feel. You want your hair out of your face, but  you seem to appear either less girly or more prone to work when you resort to that hairstyle. Sorry ladies, but studies show that guys really do find that ponytail to be a little bit of a turn-off. Yes, your hair may be pulled neatly back at the top of your head, but the way it gives off that "I'm uptight" feel? Yeah, it can be quite a downer. Remember Sandra Bullock in The Proposal? She was sporting a tight ponytail, and she was the epitome of smart, aggressive, intimidating, "guys don't really like" kind of woman. Now imagine her with her hair down... Difference, yes?

But don't worry your pretty little heads! This updo is perfect for those "I'm serious about doing schoolwork now so DND!" days. So if that's the message you really wanna send, then by all means wear a ponytail. I myself am guilty of sporting ponytails at home and in school. Especially when I get too lazy to fix my hair. Or worse, too lazy to wash it in the morning (*gasp!* the horror!) With your hair away from your face, it gives that little motivation that you'd put more focus on what you have to do for the day. No more strands getting in your line of vision, no more trying to put your hair behind your ear. No more distractions! Just remember to spice things up once in a while especially when you're out of the house. Like, say, put your hair down at the end of the day. Or curl your hair then wear it up in a ponytail. Or wear hair clips! Or I dunno.. Braid it?

SM Accessories umbrella, Goody ouchless scrunchy and ColorCollection elastic

Old Navy skirt, SM Accessories belt and gold cuff

You know the saying "It's time to let your hair down, Don't be so uptight"? There's a reason why they say that to those whom they wish would relax and let loose. It's because girls who usually wear their hair down give off that "welcoming" feel to guys. It lets them relax too, and feel less intimidated. Therefore, more approachable.

Wearing the ponytail in school is perfectly normal especially if you have so many errands to run. Then when you're gonna go out with your friends afterwards, or on a date with that special someone, let your hair down (literally and figuratively)!

SM Ladies Fashion sleeveless polo, SM GTW floral top (old)

If you're not too keen on letting go of that ponytail yet, then divert the eyes to your outfit by adding colors and textures! I wore this outfit to a belated Grandparents' Day lunch with my Dad's side of the family and invited Kenny along to celebrate our being DL for the term that just ended. Since we were lunching in Kimono Ken (Oh the heavenly Japanese food~) our tummies were very happy ♥ Plus, it's free food, and who can pass off good free food, yeah? Incorporating a mix of Pink, Cream/Yellow, and even Grays to match the weather, sans the Grays I can pull off the Marshmallow look.

Jill had this game where she'd guess the food our mothers were craving for during our conception (or paglilihi in Filipino). They do say that whatever your mom craves for while being pregnant with you will take an effect on what you'll be like physically, mentally, personally, etc. And Jill said I look like a marshmallow ಠ_ಠ Really? A Marshmallow?? Since they all agreed, I might as well own it, being a marshmallow ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yhansy stack bangles

Glam Rock Manila satchel, Kicks for SM Dept. Store sneakers, Forever 21 socks

Goody Stayput hairpins, Forever 21 earrings (old)

For the family lunch date though, I chose to wear my hair down instead. But for school? I'd probably stick with the ponytail.  

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  1. I want the bag and the earrings ! ( Haha :)

    1. I actually wish I could wear these earrings more often, but they're really tricky to pair it with outfits for everyday :( The bag's the total opposite. I could use it anywhere; it's so versatile! :D


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