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9/23/2012 02:52:00 PM

I remeber watching a marvelous rendition of Wicked by LSGH's Cue Drama club back when I was in my second year in high school. Sunny, my friends and I came to support her brother and my friend, Ced, play Doctor Dillamond (the talking goat professor). The last two years of my high school were then spent in that wonderful club where my brother and cousins spent their high school years too. More about that story some other time...

"It's just... for the first time... I feel... Wicked"
(Photos of me by Kenny)

My grandmother celebrated her birthday last week. But since she had a reunion to attend to in the province, we celebrated when she got back from her trip instead. Japanese buffet is the way to celebrate these types of events! And what better way to celebrate than to feast in (my opinion) one of the best Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila ever? Hellooooo Saisaki!!

I shall be honest. Japanese food has been my favorite cuisine ever! I could seriously eat Japanese food every day for the rest of my life! *kyaaaaa!* Heaven~!

California Maki (my favorite sushi)

Sake Sushi (salmon sushi, my other favorite sushi)

Crunchy Fried Tori (chicken) and Ebi Tempura (oh, shrimp tempura.. I can't resist you~)

What I love about Saisaki-Dad's-Kamayan (Dad's-Kamayan are the Filipino area of the buffet, while Saisaki's the Japanese area) is the entertaiment they have. It's like feasting in the barrio areas in the provinces. The performers go table-hopping and perform a song/s of your hoice. It's super cool! They know the songs ranging from as early as the 60's till the present. Can you believe they even put their own Folk twist on One Direction's 'What Makes you Beautiful', and also Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe'? It's so awesome!  

California Temaki

If I have my California Maki and Salmon Sushi/Sashimi, my brother has his regular California Temaki. He loves this stuff just as much as I love my maki! But since the sushi bar only presents sushi and sashimi, you need to ask the sushi chefs for this special treat. Then you can either come back for it, or they'd take it to your table personally. Now that's what I call a special delivery!

Mini California Temaki and Sake Temaki

Temaki's are usually big. It takes you at least two big bites to eat one. But if you want something easier to eat, don't worry! Saisaki also has smaller temaki that's just big enough for you to eat in one bite!


Every birthday celebration needs noodles to be eaten for longer life. Sukiyaki is my pick! Saisaki has by far the best tasting Sukiyaki I've ever tasted. E-VER.

Ice cream mix, Chocolate Marble Cake, and Creme Brulee

I only got these three since I was already feeling full from everything that I ate for the main course. The Creme Brulee was just perfect for those who wanna have dessert without eating anything sweet. The Marble Cake was just the right amount of chocolate-y taste. The Ice cream mix that I got was made up of chocolate ice cream on the bottom, with strawberry ice cream on top, sprinkled with some chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, rice crispies and some mini cookies on the side. Yuuuuuummyyyyy~

My grandmother is so adorable, isn't she? I love my Mama to bits! We call her Mama 'cause she doesn't wanna sound old if we call her Grandmama. So Mama it is! When I was a kid, she used to help me grow my collection of stuffed toys. Every Christmas and during my Birthdays, she'd always send me a cute and adorable stuffed toy. Just the sweetest! Happy Birthday Mama! I love you! ♡♥

Glam Rock Manila satchel, Baleno top

I chose to play it kinda safe with what I wore for the scrumptuous Japanese dinner. When I looked in my closet, I was at a stump. I seriously didn't know what to wear. I didn't wanna look overdressed or underdressed. So I ended up with my Go-To Ideas for dressing up: Pick a character, get ideas on how they dress, make it your own. I've tried it once with how Velma Dinkley dresses in Scooby Doo. But I made sure I made it my own. This time around, I got some Elphaba within me!

Betty for SM GTW jacket turned vest (old), SM Accessories Necklace, BNY shorts (old)

So if Elphaba were to dress in the 21st century, she'd prolly be more rock or goth. Since it's not really my style to do both, I changed the goth into my signature cute (ahahaha!). So here's rocky cutie, I guess? (#attempt) I used my old rocker jacket (made of cotton of course, since it's too hot in the country to wear leather) and tore off the sleeves to turn it into a vest. A li'l DIY won't hurt once in a while, as long as it comes out better, right? #artisticattempt

The WEARhouse boots (old), Forever 21 socks

I have a feeling the real Elphaba would wear black combat boots with this, don't you think? I might do a Galinda interpretation again soon. Any other characters you'd suggest? :D

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  1. :)) You mean the talking Goat? :) Great post!


    1. Yup! The talking Goat who kept calling Galinda, "Glinda" :)) Thanks Wina! <3

  2. Sweetie friend ! Love your nice photos , your blog is now in my favorite list on my own blog , welcome to you forever !

    1. You're the best, Tanya! :") ♥♥♥


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