How To: get soft curls without using any hair irons

9/08/2012 01:47:00 AM

It's always fun to try different hair styles, but sometimes too much styling can cause intense damage to your hair. And who wants that? So one way for me to lessen unwanted damage is to avoid heat styling my hair as much as I can. How do I do that? Well, with my trusty Goody products of course! With my hair falling below my shoulders, it's long enough for me to just need my Goody wide toothed comb (which is what I use to comb my hair out after washing it to get rid of the tangles), and my Goody ColourCollection elastics for styling. Although if you have shorter and more layered hair than mine, then you can use some Goody Stay Put hair pins too.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for my no-make up face. This is purely a hair styling tutorial, so yeah, don't mind my face, hahaha!

Step 01: Using the wide toothed comb, divide your hair into two sections: the left and the right side.

Step 02: Comb one part and secure it by tying it into place with your ColourCollection elastic. This will keep any loose strands away from the other section.

Step 03: Gather the other section and comb it through to make sure there are no tangled hair in the way.

Make sure that you hold it behind your ear.

Step 04: Twist your hair clockwise (to the right) until you twist it to the end.

Step 05: Continue to twist that section into a bun, still in a clockwise manner.

Then secure it in place by tying it with your other ColourCollection Elastic.

Like I said, if you have shorter hair, you can use some hair pins to help keep your hair in place. 

Step 06: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the other section of your hair, but this time, twist the section in a counter-clockwise (to the left) direction. Meaning it has to be the opposite direction of how you twisted your hair on the other side.

Now you have two Chinese buns on each side of your head. I usually wear these buns for at least 3 hours since my hair is incredibly thick and kinda uncooperative (it's naturally straight so it tends to lose its curls within a few hours from when I styled it). But for those who have finer, thinner, and more cooperative hair than I do, an hour or two should be enough. So after all the waiting...

Step 07: Remove the elastics one by one and gently let your hair down (like Rapunzel, haha). You can gently comb your fingers through each section to unravel your hair to see how curly it is. The longer you wear your hair in the buns, the curlier they'll get. If you want them to last longer, you can use hair spray or leave-on conditioner on them.

Personally, I use Goody products to style my hair since I was a little kid. I've believed in what their products can do since their elastics don't stretch out too soon, and their hair accessories don't hurt when you use them like how other brands do. Plus, they look good! And who doesn't want that? I usually wear my elastics on my wrist just in case I need to tie my hair up in the middle of the day. It's fasionable and functionable! Now that's what I call a good buy :D

So there you have it! Soft curls without damaging your hair. Now you can sport some soft sexy curls with your everyday look, or for that weekend date with that special someone, without worrying about damaging your lucious locks ;)

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  1. this is so helpful! :)


    1. You're welcome Trish! :D Hope you can use this in the future :)


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