Dean's Lister Again

9/06/2012 12:10:00 AM

The first trimester of school year 2012-2013 is finally over, and all I can say is that I'm so darn thankful that I was able to survive it in one piece. It was the first term of my Junior year in college and all my subjects were Majors. Some professors aren't as linient, considerate, and sensitive as most of my Minors professors were. So I was kinda expecting just to pass my subjects. Instead, I was blessed with grades that still allowed me to qualify for a position in the Dean's List.

(Photos by JJ Rojas)

Every term I've always aimed to be included in that prestegious list, working my butt off to get there. But lately, my hope kinda dwindled a bit with the way my professors were being and the nearly unbearable challenges we had to face. It wasn't as sweet as I hoped it would be, but nonetheless, I'm glad it's over and I made it through, scratches/scars and all. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support. I'm forever grateful to those who's belief in me never faltered even when my self-belief temporarily did. And most of all, thank you God for always having my back. I couldn't have done it without You :) 

So while I was shaking inside like a leaf in fair, fair "autumn" waiting anxiously for my grades to be given, I channelled some (if not most) of my nervousness through my outfit, hoping that I’d at least look good regardless of how I feel inside. I know what you're thinking: Wth? Who dresses up when they get their grades? Well, I always say, “If you’re gonna 'die', might as well look good, right?” Hahaha!

SM Department Store cardigan (old)

Never Been Kissed skirt (old)

Top, Middle, Bottom. Three easy steps in putting an accent on your overall outfit. It’s a technique I picked up from watching so much cartoons when I was a kid. Animators may get lazy having to put so much color in just one character, when they have like, 20+ characters left to color. This one I got from Velma Dinkley (did I spell that right?) in Scooby-Doo. Have you ever noticed the color of her skirt, shoes and hair match perfectly? And that her socks and sweater also match? Same with Timmy Turner with his pink hat and shirt, the Powerpuf Girls's eyes and dresses, heck even in Avatar: the last Airbender! Katara's palette consist of blues and browns while Toph has greens and yellows. It saves animators time to select other colors when rendering their work, so they stick with colors not so far away in a palette. And here’s my interpretation of their color matching skills! I just wore neutrals in between to give the bright reds more OOMPH! focus.

My favorite source of satchel bags has been featured in the September Issue of Chalk Magazine (the one with the Young sisters, Lauren and Megan, gracing the cover). If you haven't gotten a copy yet, grab one now! There you'll see more reasons why Glam Rock Manila is definitely worth shopping from, if you still aren't convinced yet ;)

Green Berries earrings

I've always been a fan of Bunnies. Anything and everything that has a bunny rabbit on it, I find adorably irresistable. Now I got a bunny on my ear for less than Php100! I'm so happy~ Thanks to Green Berries for this cutie! 

Goody ColourCollection elastics, Adidas watch (old)

I was able to make my hair have soft waves using my Goody ColourCollection elastics. It's another way of "curling" my hair since I don't have a curling iron, and I don't really wanna damage my crowning glory by heat-styling it often. 

As for my watch, I've had this since 2006. My parents always have this idea that it's appropriate to give us kids watches when we graduate. This one was for my grade school graduation and it's one watch I'm never gonna let go of. It's small, silver, really chic and easy to style with. What more can you ask? :)

Parisian flats

I call this pair my "Lady Bug flats". Mainly 'cause they looked like lady bugs without the polka dots when I first saw them on the rack. Don't you think the metal ends resemble antennas?

DIY Beanie, DIY top

The red beanie here was crochetted by yours truly out of sheer boredom and lazyness to search for a place where I can buy one for myself instead. The French flag top was also made by me, but for my Color Rendering class last year. Do you guys know the great American artist, Jackson Pollock?  According to Wikipedia, he's a major figure of Abstract Expressionism and was famous for his uniquely defined style of drip painting. We had to practice the style of drip painting on any piece of apparel (shoes, clothes, bags, etc) and wear it to class the next meeting. Cool huh? Sometimes you just gotta DIY in order to please your inner-artist/cravings, don’t you think? :)

Happy jump for the end of the term! To all my fellow Dean's Listers, congratulations on our achievement. And to all those who were so close, don't let this get you down! We all have a fresh start. Lessons are learned and we can take it to make ourselves better people. The second term begins tomorrow. May the odds be ever in our favor ;)

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