Captain America says I'm the One that Worked

9/11/2012 11:35:00 PM

It's been eleven years since the infamous tragedy that took the whole world by storm. And on this day, eleven years later, I would still like to commemorate those who were deeply affected by that heart-wrenching event. I still remember coming home from school that afternoon to see my parents surprisingly home early from work and watching the news with furrowed brows, shaking their heads. When I asked what was going on, they told me to watch the news. Now, even a 9 year old kid like myself back then would know when something bad has happened. And when I saw the image of a plane that crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York (we were just there 6 years before that happened!) with black smoke coming out of it and people were screaming and crying everywhere, it was just too sad to continue watching. But it was everywhere. The news broke like someone released the floodgates and nothing can stop the water from flowing.

(Photos by my Dad)

Those people who did everything they can during that hectic, traumatic time are what we should consider as heroes. The firemen, policemen, businessmen, government officials, and even those whom you just consider as "ordinary" people, did what they could to keep the chaos from getting too out of hand; something that is easier said than done. Providing their services to save those who fell victim in tragic times build a great hero. And till this day, Americans (and even non-Americans) are sure to remember those heroes who sacrificed their lives to go beyond their call of service, and also those survivors to tell their tale of the day that shook the whole world.

Kicks for SM Department Store shoes, Forever 21 socks

Captain America once said, "When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move. Your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and tell the whole world, No. You move." Sometimes you just gotta defy what the majority tells you to do, because you wouldn't know that maybe, just maybe, by doing so you'll find success and satisfaction in the end. There's still hope. There will always be hope. Even after all the adversities, hindrances and continuous traumatizing events that are thrown at you, always remember there's still hope. It's just up to you to decide whether to be hopeful, or continue to wallow in self-torment. I admire those people who made the couragous decision to continue to live their lives after that infamous event. It's probably one of the most difficult things they had to do, but in the end, moving on was the right thing to do. No one can save you if you don't choose to allow yourself to be saved.

Seriousness aside, I based my outfit on the American and the Philippine flag. Red, White and Blue plus the First Avenger on my shirt equates the American side, while adding the yellow satchel to the whole thing gave off the Filipino side. 

It's been a while since I got this blazer, and I only got to wear it now. I was thinking of timing it correctly with the weather, with it being "fall 2012" already. Plus I'm just breaking into the whole "stock up on blazers" phase of my life recently. I know, right? I'm a late bloomer like that. I don't usually care if I'm not wearing what's on trend at the moment. As long as I stay true to myself and continue to express myself with my style, I will wear whatever I want. I'll most probably never outgrow my love for jackets and hoodies. Cardigans came a few months before my Blazers phase. Mainly because Blazers tend to make me look older. And people tell me I look like I'm in high school even though I'm already in my junior year in college! I'm in no hurry to grow up (Peterpan syndrome, haha), hence my milking my youthfulness while I still can. See why I wore jean shorts and a Capt. America tee here? It made my look more youthful, which is more me, don't ya think? :)

SM Boys Teens Wear shirt (old), Next shorts, SM Accessories hat

I loved this shirt the minute I first layed my eyes on it! Yes, I got it from the boy's teens section, but that's the beauty of it! To be honest, the superhero shirts in the girl's side were too.. well.. girly. Even for me! I was looking for something more "cool" than "girly". So I scurried over to the boy's side across the room (see the beauty of being a petite girl?) and saw this! And in my head, I was all "MINE!" *grabs*. Haha! 

Some time late last year, Kenny had been hinting at me that he doesn't own a Marvel shirt, and kinda wants a couple shirt as well. So for our 6th monthsary, I gifted him a shirt just like this one. It was our first couple shirt, and his first Marvel shirt. That's what I call killing two birds with one stone, haha! :)

Glam Rock Manila satchel, Yhansy ring, Adidas watch

Yellow will always be linked to the late Ninoy Aquino, and his wife, the late former president of the Philippines, Cory Aquino. It has been the color that they used to symbolize hope in our country during the time when we were under Martial Law. I found it timely that I got this satchel yesterday, so much so that I knew it'd be the perfect thing to use to inject a symbol of hope for today's occassion. See? Even Fashion can carry symbolisms too :P

P.S: Even though we're family, there are some things that you'd still kinda-maybe be shy of doing in front of your parents. Posing for my outfit shots today was one of them since my parents heven't really taken my outfit shots like, ever (tourist shots, yes. Making a fool of myself and joking around on trips are perfectly normal. But outfit shots are a whole different story, strangely). So I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back for being confident in asking my dear ol' Daddy to take photos of me for this post. Thanks a bunch Daddy! I love you! ♥

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