Bye-bye Summer Brights, Hello Autumn Hues

9/09/2012 03:25:00 AM

Well, technically, we don't really have Autumn here in the Philippines. But I'd like to think we do! And there's no harm in dressing up like we do, too. The season of Autumn or Fall is already here, and even the fashion trends are slowly transforming. You'll see less of the pastels and bright colors, and more of the dark tones of what's supposedly like the autumn leaves. Darker Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues, and more nude and neutral shades of Black, Grays, and Whites to pair them off with.

(Photos by Kenny)

So how did I incorporate those? By wearing monochromatic hues of course! Black and white can be simple and classy, so I chose to add a bit of the colors from the imaginary autumn leaves we have here in the country. 

SM Accessories hat, Folded & Hung polo (old)

I love being a girl. And being a petite mademoiselle is also a bonus. It makes my wardrobe choices limitless! Being petite means I can still pick out clothes from the kids section (and you can't help but admit that some times the clothes from the kids' section are even better looking than the clothes in the women's section), and being a girl doesn't limit me from rumaging through my boyfriend's closet from time to time. Of course, I don't literally invade his closet. I just simply ask him if he can spare me a polo, shirt or cardigan some times. And this polo is no exception. Heeheehee >:P

Primadonna boots (old), Glam Rock Manila Satchel

Big clothes for a tiny frame won't stop me from wearing them. I'd roll up the sleeves and tuck it in my shorts if I have to!

These boots have got to be the oldest one I have that I wore the most. Since they're made of faux leather, I wouldn't really mind it if they got wet in the rain. Although there's a big difference between getting wet from the rain, and purposely dancing in puddles of water. Of course, given the choice, I still won't allow my boots to get too wet. A few splashes here and there are all I can let them take.

Come to think of it, my outfit kinda gives off the feeling of a back-to-school vibe... Back to High School perhaps? It might be cause of the plaid shorts I'm wearing. Or the hat. The white polo maybe? All I know is that I'm facing a new term in a couple of days. And I can't say I'm ready yet, hahaha!

Goody ColourCollection elastics, Red Apple necklace (top), SM Accessories necklace (bottom)

You can't go wrong with wearing accessories with the same shade as your ourfit! Black and Gold are definitely classy.

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  1. adore these autumnal tones... and your shorts are so cute

    1. Thanks Sharon! I gotta say I'm gonna miss the summer colors. I was just getting used to the pastels too! Sigh~ But I can't wait to wear sweaters again :3

  2. You are perfect with this look, I'm a fan of over the knee socks and boots, I cant say the reason why, but I think because this is original and a great way to enhance our legs ! Love to follow your blog , I add it on my blogroll now !
    ♥ ♥ ♥ For ever !

    1. That's so true! Especially if you wear thigh-high socks with mid-calf or ankle-high boots, paired with shorts, they'll emphasize your legs right away! :D

      You're so sweet Tanya! Thanks so much for the love and support! :") ♥♥♥


  3. Found your blog through Lookbook, and I like your style! :) Love how you've paired the accessories in particular!

    Love, S

    Let's follow each other!

  4. OH! I LOVE YOUR STYLE♥ Very very good! (I found your blog through lookbook)!
    Follow me to germany:

    Love, Lie


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