Make up, Make up, Make up! - Behind the Scenes Part One

8/18/2012 02:19:00 AM

Out takes of a shoot we had to do for our finals in Concept Photography class. Oh the work! @_@

It sounds simple when you hear it or when you put it on paper: Pick a theme, get pictures as your peg to base your photos on, take pictures, submit photos as a portfolio, (hopefully) pass the class, the end! Boy, were we wrong about it being simple..

See the hardships of make up?

Oh, the things we do to our faces for a grade! D:

GAH! GLITTER! @___@ I am not a fan >.<

After one shoot, on to the next!

Okay, pay no attention to this plant. haha!

With some photo pegs, it gets to be a challenge to look for stuff to match the clothes, accessories, and other things you'll need for the shoot. Like this top hat for one of my pegs, it was supposed to be overflowing with feathers. But I asked myself, would I be using those again in the next few months? No? Then why would I spend money for that? So I went for the practical route of DIY. It's more practical and reasonable, and less painful for the wallet.

Our prof wants us to copy our photo pegs as close as we can. So if our picture has a blonde girl in it, we need a blonde girl in our photo too! It's kinda hassling, but *sigh* oh well. *Off to buy wigs*

Students usually don't have a budget for these things. So aside from being taught how to assemble and arrange correct lighting per shoot, we have to be resourceful too! It's not like we can hire real models for our shoot now. Surely their schedules are also booked. So for us, we're each others' models/stylists/make up artists/assistants/messengers. *Siiiiigh* I just feel tired typing all that, let alone do all that @___@

Gosh. With all the make up changes depending on the photo pegs, our faces feel so sensitive and stingy every time the make up has to be scrubbed off for the next make up session @_@

Don't get me wrong. We love doing all that! As long as we're not pressured or stressed, haha! Our mantra? "Just so we can finish! Just so we can finish! Just so we can finish!"  

More behind the scenes soon! :)

Photos © The Corners Production

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  1. Sephhhh, suggestion/question. xD Are you guys using wig caps under the wigs? It'll look 2345x better if you guys are. At the moment, it looks like there's no wig cap, sooo you guys should use one? Or use a better one? :D Wig caps can be made from old stockings, so no hassle + cheap yay! It'll look more natural that way <3

    I wish I had cool projects like this btw. *u* All of my projects are business related sighhssss.

  2. Actually in this shoot, I completely forgot to bring my wig cap *NOOO THE HORROR!!* le sigh... oh well, we made do with lot of hair pins instead. I'm done with my shoot already, so the one where I was the one who went blode with the short wig (which is the C'est la vie one after this post), I remembered to bring my wig cap then *yey! applause!* so it definitely looks better :)

    Business related like what? :o We used to have business kind of projects during our freshmen year-sophomore year when we had minor subjs. Nowadays since we're having majors already, we're more on the product-based projects :)

    Miss you Rae!!! Visit us some time!! <33333


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