It's always a good time (a.k.a. Intricate Details)

8/24/2012 03:52:00 AM

Since Finals week is starting next week already, we had one last shoot last Monday during the holiday. Boy, did I not feel the long weekend go by! I'm serious. With all the stuff we needed to do for school, those days when we should be getting R&R were spent more on accomplishing as much as we can by the deadlines than spending time with our pining bed and pillows. *Le sigh*

So allow me to photobomb you with the stuff we did on our last shoot! :D

Due to my friends' shyness, I had a feeling they don't wanna let most of their goofiness be broadcasted on cyberspace as much as possible. Taking that into consideration, I've chosen selected photos which show just the right amount of fun we experienced without drawing in that much shame on our heads. Haha!

Since we ended our shoot earlier than we expected, we spent the rest of the 2 hours playing around in the play area in Shirlene's condo. Jill was a natural on the monkey bars. I for one wanted to try it myself. Try being the operative word. Struggling is an understatement. I've always wanted to climb to the top of the monkey bars when I was a kid, even sit at the top or hang upside down. But there was a big part inside me that was too afraid to do so. I might fall and break a bone or two, so I never risked it. Till now. Well, maybe because the monkey bar at the play area wasn't as high as the one when I was a kid? Har har! 

In all fairness. I was able to get to the top on my own without anyone having to lift me up to get there. I believe I deserve an applause for that! Haha!

I expected it to be a pretty sunny day, or humid at least even when the clouds were kinda creaping their way in the sky. So I figured I wear one of my favorite Jellybean top. Yes, like some of my footwear, I have this in another color. Heehee~

Jellybean top, Next shorts, Hype this look on Lookbook here

It looks and feels so fresh, running around didn't make me sweat! 

One more reason why I love this? The back detail of course! It's soooo cool (no pun intended), I knew I just had to buy it when I saw it!

Forever 21 earrings

Don't my earrings match my top perfectly? The colors and the details look like they're made for each other!

Yhansy ring, SM Accessories cuff

And with the hippie chic clothes come with the hippie chic accesories! A bouquet ring and a feather cuff totally says hippie.

Look! Birds! Haha! *random*

The last time we went to Shirlene's condo for a shoot, we were only able to check out the play area. Now that we had more time to spare, we explored the roofdeck. Some students were practicing for their speech choir (oh high school days!) so we were only limited to one side. It's alright though! The one we hung out in had the view :D

We even found this little piece from a watch. Cool huh? :)

Can you see what mall is at the farthest in this picture? :-"

Photos © Patrick, Ida, Me

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