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8/21/2012 04:10:00 AM

Blueberries and Cream with Asian inspiration in between seems to be the theme of my outfit here. For some reason, this outfit turned into something that is part Sailor, part Japanese, and part Korean. Either way, it's one of my favorite outfits to date :)

My day started with brunch at Teriyaki Boy with my boyfriend to celebrate our monthsary. Japanese food + my boyfriend = Happy Me! ♡♥

Yakimeshi, Tuna Tempura Tar-tar, and Buffalo Tori Karaage. Yum! My tummy's happy~

Hype this look on Lookbook here

It's been a while since we went to the park in my neighborhood. What with the weather nowadays, it'd be fortunate for us when rain doesn't threaten to fall at any moment. So my weapon of choice to protect me from any light drizzle: my Japanese parasol that I got for high school (when they taught us how to dance the Japanese Parasol Dance in PE)! Although I kinda doubt that it'd protect me from rain though.. Hmmm..

This is prize number 2 from Little Turp that I got from their giveaway. I instantly knew that it'd go so well with these shorts from Redhead. My typical go-to formula for dressing up in terms of color usually follows the ever simple "Darker tones with Lighter shades". So far, I haven't gone wrong with that combo. The dark blues here with the light cream of the blouse mixes perfectly. Accessorizing gets easier from there once you figure out your combination. 

Oh, and btw, if you're 5'1" tall and taller, 18 years old or older, and you haven't joined Redhead's model search yet, you still have time! Go for it! Redhead's giving you till September to take a shot at it and join their model search. You can check out their facebook page for more of the details. Heck, if I was only taller, I'd definitely join, haha!

 SM Accessories feather cuff

Fayeness Shop perfect donut bun, Goody split pins

My hair looks so brown depending on the light that hits it. See the big donut bun my hair is in here? It's almost good enough to eat!

Okay, so my boyfriend thinks so too. Sneaky that he took this picture without my knowledge! D:

SM Accessories necklace

This necklace has got to be one of my favorite from SM Accessories. It looks like a spider is on my chest keeping my collar propped right! And to think, I'm not a fan of anything that has more than 4 legs and less than 2. But this just looks sooo cool! In my opinion, even if an accessory is going to be such a bold statement to wear (like this), it shouldn't be limited to being worn during formal occasions only. You can wear these kinds of accessories with a more casual twist too!

Asianvogue flats, Forever 21 socks

See the difference between men's shoes with women's shoes? Ours are definitely cuter! Har har! Kidding aside. Say hello to my little friends! Remember when I was gushing about these babies? They're just so darn cute! I'd wear them every day if only they won't get dirty. And they match my outfit here perfectly, like they were made for it! I love it!

Happy Monthsary Kenny! I love you with all my heart till forever ends~ ♥ And thanks for taking my photos again, teehee! :3

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